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The bright yellow linen pants from Faster Pussycat and the loose white button-down shirt from erratic were a simple, but colorful outfit that hopefully is not lost in the colorful profusion of prints at Blossom the texture explosion at LEA22.

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Confessions – Wrath


PXL Creations WRATH

Number four on the Seven Sins series celebrating the coincidentally simultaneous release of PXL Creations Seven Sins Gacha skins and Buckcherry’s Confessions album with songs focusing on each of the Seven Sins. Today’s sin is Wrath – and the skin is deliciously maleficent while the song was appropriately angry and hard-edged. Of course, what made it work so well for wrath aurally made it one I didn’t like as well as the others.

Hey man, do you wanna get a fist so hard?
Do you wanna see who’s in charge?
I’m gonna show you your future
Hey man, you think you’re strong enough to play this game?
It’s gonna burn like acid rain, you’re gonna need some sutures

I got this need to be broken and I’m taking you on this ride
I got this need to broken and I keep all my wrath inside


I chose this dress from Faster Pussycat because its strong lines are accented with white stitching giving it a very disciplined look while the ruff is reminiscent of how animals raise their hackles in anger and also of Queen Elizabeth I who could be wrathful and powerful.

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RC Cola and a Moon Pie


With the lovely hat from Bliss Couture and the sleek pencil skirt, everything about this outfit is so very chic, but the polka dots and the bright cherry red point me toward rockabilly. In fact, RC Cola and a Moon Pie ran through my head the entire time I was blogging.

I don’t want no cornbread
And I do love peas and rice
And I don’t want no carrots
No real hot pizza slice

But everything’s gonna be alright
With an RC Cola and a Moon Pie

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.18


The final day of Modavia Fashion Week opened with the Dutch design house CIA from Ayla Strading in a joint presentation with Joy Laperriere of SHI. I am new to CIA and am thrilled with the introduction. I love the bright, saturated colors and definitely plan to pick up at least that black top with the floral embroidery.
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