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I‘ll Burn That Bridge When I Come to It

I'll burn that bridge when I cross it.

The Secret Store released a luscious skirt and top at Collabor88 in a wide range of colors. Fashions have become increasingly risque, with transparent fabrics and laces over opaque pieces that would have been lingerie a decade ago. It is one of those fashions that require discernment on the part of designers as it can easily veer toward overexposure and bad taste. In the sure and certain hands of Maylee Oh, though, it is on trend without crossing that line into tacky. How does she avoid the pitfalls? The waist is high enough to cover the navel and the cut of the legs are not too “cheeky.” The bra top is not so skimpy that there is any risk of nip slips and other exposure. This outfit reveals without exposing.
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It was cold when I got dressed

"I have always believed that fashion was not made only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence." YSL

Does the weather in your first life influence how you dress in Second Life®? It sure does for me. And I know that’s crazy, but it still does. However, I dressed in the chilly pre-dawn when it as 45° and now it’s 79° and I am melting. Why does a jacket on my avatar make me feel warmer in my first life? How silly is that?

I really wanted to wear this Edwardian Jacket from The Annex, though because of the cold I opted for a different approach than the ruffled hot pants that are designed to go with it. Besides, I wanted to show you how flexible it is.

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I am Giulia

Hello folks, i hope you still remember me and i hope you are doing good 🙂
Yeah, i have lots of things going on in my life right now, i hope i will be able to blog again as soon as possible.

Today i’m here for Squinternet, i was supposed to post before, but i really couldn’t. I hope she will read this, i’ll post it on my own blog too.

So, i would like to say a few things about her.

Last year, thanks to Cajsa’s Donna Flora A to Z Project i had the chance to know Squinternet Larnia. I knew her brand, her fabulous creations, of course, but i never talked to her before. After my post Giulia (yes, it’s her name) contacted me and we had a long talk, followed by others and i finally understood why people loved her so much not only as creator, but, most of all, as woman, as person.

Donna Flora I

Giulia told me her story, we talked about life, cancer, treatments, about fighting for life, about feelings, about friends, about love, we talked about many things. We never met before and we were talking like two old friends, it was simply amazing. Maybe speaking our own language (we’re both Italians) helped alot, you know it’s so much easier to say things when you speak your language 😛  She put one million smiles on my face and she left me speechless: someone in her conditions, in her situation would easily give up. She had the strength, the will and the hope not to give up. She loved life. Giulia loves life and she makes people love life.

Donna Flora II

Donna Flora III

Second Life is a fantastic virtual world made of real people: feelings and emotions are even more amplified here. So i know, Giulia, that you are reading this. Hey, sweet flower, look, you are so much loved and that’s wonderful, see what you’ve done! Don’t give up, you’re not allowed to!

I am with you, we are with you. My heart beats with yours.

I am Giulia, we are Giulia.

Tesoro, la vita riserva sempre continue sorprese, tu non smettere di combattere, di sperare. Chiudi gli occhi e senti l’amore che ti giunge da tutto il mondo attraverso questa pazza realtà virtuale, oltre agli affetti della RL. Non vedi quanto è bello? Tutto per te. Solo per te.
Ti sono tanto vicina, ti voglio bene.

Donna Flora IV



Everyone knows about the Love Donna Flora event. Please go visit it, buy stuff or just donate whatever you can. Or also go to Donna Flora’s mainstore and purchase items there or donate through the tip jar. Thank you so much.

Call Me…With Love


A gorgeous sweater dress like this Argyle Plaid dress from CIA for FAIR can garner a lot of calls and compliments. Hugging the figure, it highlights your curves with a sleek and chic shape. The bold pink in the Argyle makes it young and modern as dose the outsize pattern of the plaid. I added a fun and frisky little clutch from Just Design for the With Love hunt that starts on Friday. Covered in hearts of every shade of pink and red, it’s sure to win your heart if you can find it.

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Mai in Drowsy

Hiya, folks!
I hope you’re all doing good 🙂

I was exploring Drowsy which is finally open again (yay!) and I thought I could take a few snaps to show you the beauty of the sim and also the awesomeness of my latest purchase, the Mai dress from Gizza.

Oh, let me tell you the little story of Mai and me 😀
I wanted to go get it a few seconds after I received the notice of its release, some weeks ago, but then RL distracted me (naughty RL!!!) and I forgot about it. Then I’ve been away from SL and the web – also my computer – from one week because my right hand needed to rest and when i got back I had to solve my issues with the Phoenix viewer which decided to make me crash every 5 minutes :/
So I killed Phoenix and, being uncomfortable with Firestorm, I tried Singularity and I’m really happy with it, oh yes!
To test Singularity’s behaviour especially in those places where King Lag reigns, I decided to hunt for some cute stuff and when I entered the Gizza store to look for the hunt item I noticed the Mai dress and, after slapping myself, I bought it.

Ok, I bored you enough with my little adventures, now it’s pictures time:

Mai in Drowsy


This dress is really beautiful, with its delicate and soft textures. Don’t you agree?

More pics and credits after the cut!
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Crazy New Year! :) :) :)

Hello 🙂
I wish you all a serene but crazy 2012, i hope it will put lots of smiles on your face. My SL 2011 has been much better than my RL one, maybe it’s normal, maybe it’s not, i don’t want to complain but there is at least one thing i wish never happened during this year that is going to end in a few hours.
Anyway, smile! Yes, as i said, may the new year bring you lots of smiles  🙂 And no, not fake smiles! 😛

I would like to show you one of the many looks i chose for the New Year’s Eve, so have a look at the pictures, then credits will follow and my wishes again with a special picture 🙂

Diamonds and Feathers

Kleo's back

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Merry Christmas Alicia Chenaux

Alicia Chenaux_003

I met Alicia Chenaux on Plurk, though I had read her blog for a long time before that. I should say blogs since she has a fun journaling blog where she chronicles her Second Life adventures as well as her fashion blog. I first began paying attention to her blog when she began her 365 Project which was such a huge commitment. I don’t know if I would commit to blog for a full year even after blogging for four years. For me, it’s so much easier to do something than to say I will do something, because then I really have to. I admire people who have the will to make that kind of commitment up front. I also admire the kind of openness and vulnerability that journaling blogs require. It, too, requires a commitment beyond what I would do.

Alicia Chenaux_001

I was looking forward to seeing Alicia’s outfit because she’s a former model and I knew that work history would translate into an impeccable outfit that was perfectly fitted. And I was right from every Elikatira hair on her head to the GField shoes on her feet, everything is perfectly fitted. Her outfit seemed perfect for sightseeing and wandering the streets in the fashionable city of Venice which you can find on the Prada sim. I could see her modeling skills at work as she positioned herself on the dock by the gondolas while I was flailing around in the river after falling off the dock a few times. In fact, I had to run inside one of the stores and dry off while she patiently waited.

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In bianco

Hello lovelies 🙂

It’s evening in this part of the world and I hope your Sunday was (or is going) better than mine ‘cause I had to work, arrrggghhh! I’ve been soooo busy that all I was looking for was a relaxing bath (done!) and some lazy time doing absolutely nothing (done!). At some point I’ve got bored of doing nothing and decided to log on SL, so here I am 😀

I want to show you my look of the last days because I simply love it.
Everything started when I bought the GiO skin from Glam Affair at The Dressing Room: it’s so beautiful that I had to choose carefully the clothes and hair to go with it and I must admit it didn’t take much time because I knew what I wanted and the result was just perfect.
Well, at least it was (is!) to me, according to my taste and the kind of look I had in mind.
You might find it awful.
I still love you, don’t worry.
Even though you stink.

Hahaha 😛

Pictures time!

In bianco


More pics and credits after the cut 🙂
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Aliza got talent!

Hello 🙂

Aliza Karu is one of the most inspired, eclectic, creative, talented SL fashion designers I’ve ever known. Her works are one of a kind and easily recognizable by her unique style, a mix of goth, avantgarde, steampunk, dark, doll and lots of fantasy. She puts her emotions and feelings into her creations, she says: “Those who wear my clothes, they’re wearing a mood, a feeling, a fear, a desire, a passion, an anger of me”.

Aliza made new amazing works for this winter/Christmas time and now I’m going to show you some of them.

So, enjoy the fascinating crazyness:

Magic Winter
With this beautiful Magic Winter Dress (skirt, jacket, bra, headpiece) Aliza gives her own interpretation of the dark magic of winter. It’s available at the ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter event, which will be held from 1 till 15 December on the Sketch Pad Sim.

Glitter Winter
This stunning outfit is Aliza’s prize for K.V. Christmas Hunt: yes, it’s free! Find the little yellow star hidden somewhere in the store (hints and slurls on the link I gave you) and the Glitter Winter outfit will be yours!

More after the cut!
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