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Alas, Alack and Welladay


I am not really feeling that woe is me at the moment, but this pose in ant’s broken chair at May’s Collabor88 just seems to embody the melodramatic despair of some poor benighted Shakespearean unfortunate. I used the Animare HUD to adjust the pose just a bit so the head and arm rest on the floor.  Continue reading



I fell in love with the {anc} broken chair at Collabor88. In particular, I thought the animations and poses were extraordinarily well done. I took a lot of pictures of the poses and will post smaller pictures of them. I added some lovely lacey lingerie from Luxuria. I love how the lace is an abstract representation of roses. Luxuria’s lingerie comes with all the layers for clothing as well as appliers for Slink and Maitreya. This picture also shows off the lovely necklace from LaGyo.


The lighting is not photoshopped. I used the Dark Ambient windlight setting that comes with the standard Firestorm collection. The lighting comes from the Pilot candles and the half-deer curtains. I also used one self-made projector prim.
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I am uncommonly good at waiting. I do not know why; I do not have any particular fondness for delayed gratification. I would just as soon never have to wait at all. Nonetheless, I have so many ways to make the time pass that waiting does not bother me. I usually bring a book to read everywhere I go in case there are unanticipated delays. Sometimes there are delays long enough that I finish the book, but I still have distractions. I watch people going by and compose descriptions of them. I try to note all the details, the type of clothing, the fabrics and patters, the hair, makeup and accessories. You should try it sometime. It is an entertaining way to people watch. Sometimes, I get caught out staring, so I simply smile and say something like “I was admiring your scarf, is it silk?”

There are some fashion events coming soon and I have been waiting and waiting and waiting. One, Collabor88, opens in an hour. The other, Penumbra’s Spring/Summer Fashion Week opens on May 16th. While waiting for Collabor88 to open, I am taking a bath, listening to Art Pepper playing saxophone and hoping my candles do not set my curtains alight.

One of the highlights at Collabor88 already is this broken chair in the foreground. It is from {and} that contains several poses and animations. The quality of the animations and poses is amazing and you will see that in another post that I already shot but have not uploaded to Flickr yet. I figured I better wear some clothes when I am posing in the chair.
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Tutorial – Editing Jewelry When You Cannot See It


I love Boom’s fabulous pastel ombre backless tees at Collabor88. The come in all shades of pastel and are as fresh as springtime. Before choosing this jewelry from Bliensen & Maitai, I tried on several other options, a couple of them falling so deep into my torso they were not even visible. This made me think it might be useful to share a few tricks for dealing with that dilemma.

There are a few options, some people try to cam inside the body and select the jewelry. I find that so frustrating because sometimes I can see the prim to select and SL will not let me select it because there’s another prim in the way. I used to go to edit mode and make my shape short, raise the necklace over my head and then restore my shape again. Not my favorite options. There are easier ways to do it.

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Nyu to You and to Me

NYU to You

Nyu is a brand new store in Second Life featuring classic ready to wear separates from NyuNyu Kimono in beautifully textured mesh. I love the elegant minimalism of her clothing that focuses on quality and clean aesthetics. You can hide lots of mistakes with embellishments, but not with these simple classics. The Vintage Blouse is from her shop while the skirt is one you have seen a few times before – the Westbury mini from Mon Tissu. I fatpacked the Westbury mini because it’s one that will stand the test of time.

NYU to You

NyuNyu also made a stunning coat that I am in love with. It comes in 4 colors and it was so hard to choose just one, though I settled for this one because I loved how its color worked with the blouse and I thought they would work beautifully together – which comes to one of my quibbles, not with the store, but with the properties of mesh overall.

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Sunday Morning Blues


No, I am not feeling blue, just wearing blue – and sitting on blue. The blue cardigan is from Leverocci. I picked it up when I was thinking my outfit from The Sea Hole looked a bit chilly for the weather we were having. The chair is from RnB and is a Wear Gray event item. It has 9 sit animations in it with a good mix of realistic male and female options. I love the retro styling. It reminds me of this fabulous couch I bought at a rummage sale that was that same electric blue and also a 60s vintage in pristine condition. I bet they kept it in plastic covers. It was 75 inches long and I loved it. Unfortunately, my dog would chew on the legs a bit, so I bought some bitter apple and sprayed the entire couch so she would leave it alone. Big mistake! I came home after work to a house with floors 6 inches deep in couch batting and fabric and the only fabric and stuffing still on the counch the little bits near the staples and upholstery nails that she could not chew off. It went from fully upholstered to wood and springs with one spray of bitter apple. When I saw this chair, I felt a pang of nostalgia for that magnificent couch and for that damned dog.

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Steal My Kisses


I pulled into Nashville, Tennessee, but you wouldn’t even come around to see me
And since your headin’ up to Carolina, You know I’m gonna be right there behind you

Cause I always have to steal my kisses from you
Always have to steal my kisses from you
Always have to steal my kisses from you.
I always have to steal my kisses from you.

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Barely There

Azul Calypso Nude

This new gown from Azul for the Miss Virtual World contestant from Greece is stunning. Mami Jewell produced it in eight luscious colors, including one with an amazing opalescent fabric, but I could not resist the naughty nearly nude color of this one. The system pieces provide slip-free coverage while hinting at all sorts of possibilities.
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Gidge and I did a bit of shopping yesterday morning with running stops at Fifty Linden Friday stores and ending at Collabor88 where we both felt like doofuses when we saw the second building full of items. I said, “How many times have I come here and never noticed there were two buildings? What a dork!” and Gidge, like me, said, “I never noticed it either.” While we both pondered what wonderful creations we may have missed in our neglectful visits in past months, we busily ran around picking stuff up. Of course, later we learned that it’s just this month that there’s the second build and we have not been missing out on half the collection every month! That makes me feel better. I saw a couch and Christmas tree there that I absolutely adored and wanted so much and for only 88 lindens I thought i could splurge – even though I don’t have a house to decorate. So I put it in my little photobox and slapped on a couple textures from Distressed Textures to make it look like i have a house and voila, there it is! There are five sits on the couch and three on the floor with a nice mix of feminine and masculine poses.


This tree made me laugh. It reminded me so much of this fabulous dried tree branch I used to have that I painted white and potted in a vase with some cement. It arched over my couch at a nice safe height, just high enough to not snag your hair even in an updo. I left it mostly plain except for a few epiphytes, but at Christmas would string it with white lights. I loved it, unfortunately, so did the dog my former roommate babysat for her boyfriend. In the epic battle of dead tree versus 185 pound rottweiler, the tree lost.
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