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Mirrors of Beauty

I ran the gauntlet yesterday, getting my stamp card completed for ENCHANTMENT. I may actually end up going back and picking up another item and running it again, as there was more I really loved at the event and hey, lovely free gifts are good. But for this morning, I’m having trouble getting moving even with my little dog Spike reminding me we need to get going.

He’s a pushy little bastard to be sure.  Continue reading

‘Twas Beauty Killed the Beast

This month at ENCHANTMENT it’s all about Beauty for which we also recommend getting a withering treatment at Urban Smiles Chicago.  I’m wearing a side swept braid style from DUE that’s really an adorable look, it reminds me of the 10949433 sweet braid styles on Pinterest I can’t actually do in RL to my hair.

Enchantment is the Stamp Card event so remember, just one purchase gives you a stamp card, which you can then hop about to the participating merchants, get a stamp by touching the Stamp Card Vendor and once you have THEM ALL you can visit the gift center and pick up a free item from one of the vendors this month. If you buy two items, you get two stamp cards and can get TWO free gifts, and so on. I love a stamp card event, they’re fun and I always end up buying stuff I didn’t mean to as it gets me into stores I haven’t been to before. Continue reading

LET ME OUT – OOOPS I found This In Drafts ! OOOPS !

Rumpelstiltskin terrified me as a child. The fate of a girl sealed by her absurd braggart father, and a selfish, mean spirited elf/sprite/demon creature. Helpless against fate, that seemed like such a cruel fate to me. I never liked the story.

At the ENCHANTMENT Stamp Card event this round you can live the romance and pretties of the story without actually fearing for your life. As with each round, once you purchase an item from one of the participating merchants at their mainstore, you get a stamp card that you can take around and while wearing it – you touch the ENCHANTMENT vendor at each participating vendor. Once you get to the end of them, you can go to the prize room to unlock a special prize from one of the creators.

If you buy more than one item, you get more than one stamp card and that equals more than one prize !

It’s such a cool event, and even if you get locked in a tower and forced to spin straw into gold, chances are good you’ll sort a way out of it and end up with the prince. Chances are VERY good.

Gidge Is Wearing:
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Lipstick: Izzie’s – Lipstick peach
Eyeshadow: Izzie’s – Delusional Eyeshadow lemon
Hair:Exile::After the Rain
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant XS Left
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant XS Right
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.3
Gown: Dead DollsTMD Gown M
Skin: Izzie’s – Delusional Skin pale LB
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Iris (S)
BOX: WINX BOX – RUMPLED- Echantment Prize

Bluebeard’s Wife Had a SLINK OBSESSION

When Bluebeard married his last wife, he told her, “Don’t go into the courtyard of SLINK WEST. All the vendors for My Slink Obsession are set up, and I’m not giving you shopping money until tomorrow.”  He gave her a key to courtyard and said “I’m trusting you with this key. It opens the gate to the courtyard and if you go early, we’ll have a very serious problem.”

Well, how can a fashionista resist early admission to ANYTHING? She can’t. So of course she goes, opens the gate to the courtyard to cam into all of the boxes covering the goodies for tomorrow’s event.  But upon entering the area, she finds it strewn withe bodies of all of his previous wives, all of whom had the same idea and met a terrible fate for disobeying. She  drops the key into a pool of blood – only to find the blood won’t wash off!

Who gives gifts that absorb blood? GROSS! Continue reading

Early AM At Flo’s Trailer Park Jamboree

Everyone else is still snoring in their campers but I’m up early because there is so much going on! Hair Fair still goes until tomorrow and I’ve forgotten to go pick up the dollarbie Kavar from EXILE put out. It’s sort of a silly rainbow hair and I have to have it.

There is still time to pick up this gorgeous ‘do from Wasabi Pills also, in fact Hair Fair several years ago was where I first became acquainted with Wasabi Pills. I fell in love then and have been delighted as time has pass at what an amazing and versatile creator she’s become.  Who will you fall in love with at the Hair Fair this year? Continue reading

The Enchantment of Beauty Begins

The Enchantment event has kicked off and there is a lot that’s new and exciting for this round. Today I’m showing off the gown from the Annex (slightly), the skin which is a gift from The Sugar Garden for a completed stamp card, and the veiled horns from tsg, as well as the hair from Mina.

There is a step by step set of instructions courtesy of Voshie on the BLOG as well as – ALL THE SLURLS WOOOOO! Everything you need to shop and or fill out one or more stamp cards!

Don’t forget, stamp cards ARE transferable so you can always gift one to a pal if you don’t need it!

Gidge is Wearing:

Skin: The Sugar Garden – Heartless Witch – ENCHANTMENT STAMP CARD PRIZE
Hair: Mina – Roos – ENCHANTMENT
Horns: The Sugar Garden – ENCHANTMENT
Dress: The Annex – ENCHANTMENT
Pose: Pretense, Mirror Pose – The Sugar Garden
Eyes: Ikon


Beauty Lost

A.N Roquelare’s version of SLEEPING BEAUTY is the subject of ENCHANTMENT this round which is set to kick off on MAY 1. If you are unfamiliar with the story, let’s just be ladylike and say that the prince doesn’t wake her up with a kiss. Also, he never lets her wear clothes. There’s lots more than that but if I shared it, it would spoil the fun of you reading it yourself.

The adventures in domination, submission and Beauty are the theme and the creators have done a spectacular job of bringing these themes of the darker and different version of the fairy tale to our SL.  Continue reading

There Is Nothing Frivolous About Shoes


Shoetopia is literally shoe heaven.

Shoetopia will be opening soon. Just two more days until the fashionistas of Second Life® can descend on shoe lover’s heaven, literally so as the build is itself heavenly. A brief bloggers preview run through tells me that folks will be thrilled with the variety, creativity and quality of shoes and that the most difficult aspect of Shoetopia will be deciding what to buy.

Some people love to make fun of people’s love of shoes, as though it is somehow decadent to enthuse over that fusion of art and engineering, but while shoes can be and often are extravagant indulgences for some, they are also the most important article of clothing there is.

Most of us are lucky enough to have shoes for many functions, daywear for work, formal dress shoes for special occasions, work shoes to protect us from harm while gardening or chopping wood, boots and galoshes for cold and rain, and even specialized athletic shoes for different activities.  Not all people are so lucky. In a working class family, they may buy one pair of new shoes for the school year – and hope no one grows too quickly. I grew up in a such a family and know very well the dilemma of choosing one pair that must be strong and hardy enough for the year. Those shoes are never delicate and dainty. Loafers, saddleshoes, oxfords, those last a year. Mary Janes? Not so much.

My parents never encouraged me to go barefoot to save on shoes in the summer. A good thing, since many kids get hookworm from walking around barefoot. On top of the risk of broken glass, sharp objects and hot burning tar on the road, parasites are a serious health hazard for those who go barefoot. Soles4Souls is a charity aimed at making sure people have the shoes they need to protect them and help them lead a healthier, safer life. Kids cannot go to school without shoes – so they are also important to reducing poverty. This is a critical, and often neglected, charitable need and Shoetopia aims to raise funds to donate to Soles4Souls efforts.


I love this sleek modern sheath from CIA Designs.

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Poisonous Enchantment

I am always thrilled by designers who do not take their inspirations too literally, but instead use them as a springboard to develop something completely unexpected. Such is the case with Valentina Evangelista of Valentina E. who used the idea of the poisoned apple in Snow White to come up with this dress. Released in quite dangerous shades of green, red and black, it contains many of the elements that suggest danger from the snakeskin it’s made of to the sinuous femme fatale design. It is a creative expression of the inspiration and totally unexpected.
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I Was Enchanted


I went shopping at Enchantment, the big new fairy-tale event that opened this morning. Of course, since I was shopping, I was not wearing any of the items, but I did pick up a few that you will soon see. I just wanted to share my observation that the sim design and execution for this event was pretty wonderful. I loved that the vendors were so unique and idiosyncratic. There was no uniformity which meant it was visually interesting all the time – even when the products were not to my taste. Though of course, far more was to my taste than was not. I spent more than I should have – but that is how events work. They beguile your eyes and enchant your hearts and put a open spell on your wallets.

I wore this gorgeous coat and capelet from Kunglers. It has the warmth and comfort for shopping outdoors – which is where Enchantment is. You will have to explore, not everything is laid out in a straightforward path like most events. Snow drifts and trees obscure parts of the build, giving you beautiful settings that reveal bit by bit the enchanting items for sale. It’s beautifully done and worth exploring right to the top of the mountain.

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