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Out of the Ashes

This lovely and evocative outfit from Stylissimo is called Out of the Ashes – and of course, you can see the small red flame bursting out of the gray ashes of the gauzy moire top.  Several designers produce these gathered sculptie tops – their RL counterparts being quite fashionable at the moment. Most however, show less restraint and our form is lost in an explosion of gathers and poufs. Here, using fewer pieces, the sculpts contour to the shape beautifully and remain feminine and flattering.

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Too Sexy For My Skirt

Polina Kaestner has made one of the sexiest, cutest skirts ever!!  It is very sheer and your legs will show – and that’s the point! It has a perfectly discreet pair of matching glitch panties and that is enough to keep embarrassment at bay so long as you don’t have a friend like Gidge who actually sent an IM to the entire fashion bloggers group saying she could see my butt and then sent a slurl inviting people to come see my butt.  However, I was not embarrassed. The skirt is adorable and a few glimpses thanks to my AO isn’t going to upset me. I should have just changed AO’s, but Gidge was having too much fun.  Considering that she was wearing the Lonely Goatherd dress and carrying a goat, I think she really didn’t have a leg to stand on.

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In Peach I Trust

There are four colors that are universally flattering and one of them is this gorgeous peachy coral color.  You simply cannot look bad in it no matter what you do. Here you see it in a fun little dress with a huge and extravagant collar. It’s from Clotheshorse and is called Aldina.  I love its peachy punch of color and think the shoulder prim is one of the best examples of that type of collar I have seen.

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Boundless Bonds

Damn, that last post of Gidge’s was pure genius and it’s hard to post anything after that, but here goes something that will not be funny or witty, but becuase the dress is so clever, it will be worth your while. Don’t you just love it when designers make their outfits tintable – so your color choice is limited only by your personal taste? That’s what Polina Kaestner did with her corseted dress. The original out of the box look is a white dress with a spice corset – but I tinted the dress to an almost nude peach and the corset to a lovely rosy salmon.

Then I did it in blue. Now to get these colors, I did corset in a color I liked and dragged the color into one of the white squares to save it. Then I opened a dress piece and colored it the same as the corset and then lightened – upping luminescence by 20 points – so they are different shades of the same color.Incidentally, this corset is made for mixing and matching with other outfits.

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