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Trubble In Mind

Trubble in Mind.
I’m blue,
but I won’t be blue always.
Sun is gonna shine in my backdoor someday.

Did I ever pretend to be above bad puns and shallow word play? No, I did not. Of course, the entire song is a heartbreakingly sad song expressing deep despair – nothing like the light, romantic emotions generated by the lovely, colorful Pandora dress from Tracy Rubble of Trubble, the store name that always sends my brain running down Tin Pun Alley.

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I Kept Trubble, I Knew I'd Need It

posted by Gidge Uriza

I knew when I saw the Erin dress from Trubble that I was going to need it. I didn’t know what FOR, but I knew I would indeed want it for something. So I threw it out on my bedroom floor by the window. WEEKS ago. I’ve been staring at it so long, it was in danger of becoming artwork. Continue reading

Trubble in Mind

Trouble in mind, I’m blue
But I won’t be blue always.
The sun is gonna shine in my backdoor, someday

If there were an award for most improved designer of 2009, it would have to go to Tracy Rubble of Trubble whose work has gone from textures that lacked detail to textures that have the sort of details that give depth and interest to the clothing. You can see that in the light and shadow of the skirt, the wrinkling shadows of the sash and in the overall quality of the entire dress.  The dress is sleeveless, so being January, I added a little shrug from Cipher.

Hah! Someone turned the heat up so here you can see it without that jacket. Please note the lack of distortion in the bodice as the zebra print stretches over the breast. Also note how smoothly the seams are joined. By most improved, I don’t mean that she merely has become good, I mean she has adopted the skills and hallmarks of the best designers: good seam-matching, prints that maintain their integrity over breasts and hips, and  texture details on all parts of the clothing that give it depth, highlights and shadows

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