Mesmeric Fingers Softly Touch

Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie 08 Snowstorm_001

Still, is the bustle in the Brook —
Sealed are the spicy valves —
Mesmeric fingers softly touch
The Eyes of many Elves —

Emily Dickinson, Poem XLIX

Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie

Emily Dickinson wrote about elves more than once. She truly saw the world in a grain of sand and was inspired by the natural world and by her fantasies. Emilia Redgrave has been inspired by fantasy lately. Whether you look at her dramatic Trinity skins inspired by vampires or her rugged action hero King skins for men complete with blood and bruises or her latest release for Vanity Universe Skin Fair, Avie, the Fairy skin, these skins are important contributions to the fantastical lives of Second Life residents. Just as Trinity is the quintessential vampiress, Avie perfectly expresses the naturalistic world of elves and fairies with her fresh, glowing healthy skin and that healthy outdoor blush on her cheeks.

Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie 08 Snowstorm_010
The body is lush with shading and highlights that give it a natural luminous quality. There are tattoo and undershirt options in the Accessories Pack to give you some more uplift, though I decided to give it a pass. Elves with boob jobs can’t shoot arrows.

Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie 06wildflowerorangelips_001
Each makeup has its own lip color, but Redgrave included two tattoo lipsticks in the accessories pack to give you more options.
Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie 08 Snowstorm_013
There are also some very dramatic elven fingernails. I am not sure how well they are suited to drawing a bow, though. Perhaps they are for plucking lutes and harps?
Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie 1
Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie 2
Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie 4
Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie 3
With sixteen makeups, two tattoo lip colors, cleavage, nails, a hair base and quality that has a proven track record, these really are must-have skins. I love how this fresh looking skin that embodies that naive innocence of some fantasy creatures or, to be frank, disguises their cunning wiles, without looking adolescent.

***STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: Reel Expressions & Sweet Lovely Cute
  • Skin: Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie
  • Eyes: Blue Sky
  • Ears: Illusory Elven Ear
  • Lashes: Chaisuki
  • Nails: Redgrave Fairy Nails (comes in accessory kit)
  • Hair: 0 Style Luna
  • Lingerie: Baiastice Ellis
  • Top: Zaara part of Calangute Dress
  • Pants: Truth Xanadu Leggings
  • Shoes: Zaara Ilaida Morji
  • Jewelry: Balderdash Whiskey and Wheatgrass Necklace
  • Location: Oubliette

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