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Barra Barra


When I put on the Star dress from Alafolie I was so distracted by the glitter of the paillettes that I didn’t even notice on of the best features of the dress until I hopped over to The Velvet to listen in on a friend’s set and spend the evening dancing. That was when I noticed how beautifully the dress moved. But you don’t have to take my word for it, I shot a very short little movie that I will post after the cut so you can see for yourself. As to the dress, I love this simplicity of the idea of the intense coverage of paillettes that decreases as they go away from the bodice.
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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.15


The first show on Tuesday was from Neferia Abel, showing her contemporary label L’Abel. I had computer issues during the show and only saw two of the outfits. Technically I saw several others but only the prims rezzed and all the system pieces remained gray. Of course, I was crashing like mad. I think SL was hinky, because then the sim crashed, giving me time to figure out which viewer to use for the rest of the day. I tried from the beginning Viewer 3.0, 3.0 Beta, Firestorm, Kirstens, Catznip and lastly Synchronicity and that one finally rezzed people’s clothing for me and let me snap pics without crashing. In fact, I only had one crash during the next three fashion shows.


Next up was A La Folie, The first shot is the designer Pixivor Allen. The collection is a range of romantic looks with vintage inspiration. There’s plenty of sparkle, too. If you watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week, you learned that sparkle and bling are far, far different things and never the twain shall meet.
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Go Back to the Accessory Fair! Now!

Indy & Co Farouk_001

If you have already gone to the Accessory Fair and think you have seen it all, you haven’t. Indy & Co. just released Indyra Seigo’s contribution to the Accessory Fair as she was ill. You are probably more familiar with her clothing for Indyra Originals, but she also has a shoe line called Coquette Noir and the jewelry line called Indy & Co. The Farouk Necklace and Earrings are a bold addition to the many Egyptian-inspired pieces at the Accessory Fair and make an elegant transition from ancient to modern fashion.

la topasienne diamrnt noir _001
I will be showing you several pieces in this post, so I wanted a perfect dress to highlight jewelry. I chose the Rosalie gown from Miao as it’s a perfect foil for jewelry with v-neckline and classic shape. It has a modern touch with a wide beaded waistband. Coming with a sculpt or flexi-skirt it allows you the option of the movement of flexi or the photographic charms of sculpts.
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Now You See It

AlaFolie is one of the wonderful stores features at Modavia Fashion Week. The magnificent Farfalla dress set is an amazing collection with one dress, three skirt lengths – each wearable with or without the jacket for six options, and incidentally (or accidentally), with one of the jacket prims for a total of nine possible looks. This picture shows you the tea length version with and without the jacket.
Taking off the jacket system piece and sleeves, but keeping the remaining jacket prim gives me a baby doll tea length dress. On the right, you can see the short dress length.
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