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Chatkare Culture Shock

I love the bold, color-blocking in Appolonia Criss’s new dress called City Chic. She takes a very mod style and updates it with a blouson top and short, very modern sleeves.

Chatkare Culture Chic

I decided to note the military-inspird sleeves by adding the gauntlets from Nzuri, though most gauntlets don’t have adorable bows at the wrist.

Chatkare Culture Chic

This brilliant and bold color got me looking for a brilliant and bold place to shoot and that led me to the Labyrinth of Absurdity.
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I Love Prints


I love prints, the brighter, the bolder, the better. I wonder if my mother was frightened by a magpie when she was pregnant, the way I gravitate toward the bright, bold and beautiful. Of course, this print dress from Kungler’s can’t be called gaudy, because there’s restraint and balance keeping that in check, but it sure is bright and bold, isn’t it?
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When I saw this lovely argyle print dress from Chantkare, I immediately thought of the argyle-lined jacket from Royal Blue. They really work perfectly together. You can find them both at Call For Couture which is raising funds for The Samaritans.


I shot the pictures at Lunamaruna – a little city that makes me think of Dr. Seuss. It’s great fun and worth a visit.
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IFW10: Going to the Chapel

Second Life has created a transnational community that illustrates on a daily basis that the people of the world have more that binds us together than divides us.  Some of  those ties are frivolous such as excitement over the World Cup and love of fashion and music. There are also more profound bindings as well – such as the certain fact that all of us have someone in our lives affected by cancer. No wonder, then, that Relay For Life is such a huge series of events over the course of the year.  This weekend, International Fashion Week features 20 designers – and all have a unique design on auction to raise funds for RFL. Of course, there are all sorts of other fabulous creations there such as this gown I am teasing you with.

Meanwhile, it’s Relay Weekend and as part of that the fabulous St. Illuninatious Cathedral is also on auction.  Now, some might find it sad that one of the strongest forces unifying people in Second Life is cancer, but that’s not quite accurate. The strongest force unifying people in Second Life is hope – the hope that working together they can defeat cancer.

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It's All About the Pants

This outfit is all about the pants – even though with the high boots you only see a bit of them, that bit is enough because these are Pants of Power.  Well, actually, I just made that part up. Still the new Graphic Skinny Pants from Modern Gypsy are cool enough and simultaneously hot enough to turn heads 360 degrees – so that makes them  Pants of Power in my book.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

They just wanna, they just wanna, girls just wanna have fun.  This new dress from SD Wears is called Make Me Smile. Released in several colors, I am wearing the 80’s print version of the dress – an explosion of color and fun. With it, I wore the new skin Mei Li from Adam n Eve and just had to lead with the close up. I just had to lead with the closeup this time because I thought the face was just too cute for you to miss if you don’t click through. Mei Li is an Asian skin which you can see from the skin tone – the face, though, adapts well to my shape and I really liked the effect with the short bob from eha.

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Seasons in the Sun

The dry season has begun. After 24 straight days of rain, this week has been an explosion of warm and sunny days that lift the spirits. On the way to work, an embankment along the road was a riot of roses – fifty or more bushes blazing with blooms in red and white. Our rainy season seems to be ending a month early, but I won’t complain. It’s been a long, cold and wet winter. Just in time for the sun, this lovely dress from EMO-tions fell to earth. With loads of lace and an empire waist, it’s styled for romance and what could be more romantic than a walk on the beach?

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1689 or The Refutation of Silly Rules

Oh, if only in the far distant past of two years ago when we started this blog we had come up with something so obvious as titling our posts by the number, blogging would be so much easier. This is #1689 though I  should call it the Refutation of Silly Rules. Someone somewhere once decreed that redheads should not wear pink. Someone somewhere was a silly person. If I listened to that silly person I could never wear this lovely little dress from Skin Flicks – so I won’t listen.

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Ethereal Fangitude

I always have the best time styling Blueblood releases. I probably take longer on them than almost anyone, because I am always trying to Barbie-doll them to be ironic or step out of my pink Mattel box and take them in a different direction than my comfort zone requires.

Just as I can rave about how Sascha Frangilli gives me oodles of options in my ballgowns (just see previous posts from me AND Cajsa- raving is aplenty) Ghanima Uriza (my favorite Uriza cousin)rocks my world as far as styling options for her releases. I’d be hard pressed to really shoot them all.

Yes. I Bite.

Style Notes:
***Bold R Indicates a Review or Promotional Copy***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Hair – Exile – Adam – Blueberry R
  • Eyes – Pixel Creations – Glow Eyes – Fate
  • Skin – ElfPyre – Queens of Rot -Anemic + Glam in the Grime
  • jewelry – GANKED – Suri – Peacock Earrings R
  • Clothes – Blueblood – Ethereal in Blue & Green R
  • Shoes – GOS – 8 hole Docs