It’s only green.


I’ve been redecorating my little slice of SL heaven, better known as a 1536 plot.  Well I’ve been redecorating it repeatedly actually.  I have an addiction to houses, skyboxes and furniture. At the moment, I’m on the ground.  While putzing around in my new Miel frock, I noticed that it looked nice with my house and land, and so, pictures were born. A couple of things I’d like to call out in the look beside the awesomely fun frock.  My necklace is from tea.s and the headband is the jelly glitter headband from Lark! 


I love imaginative fun accessories.  I’m wearing my everyday skin, Jewel from Curio, a skin maker that I would love to see new releases from.  The hair is an older style from Elika Tiramisu, but still a favorite of mine.  Oh about this Miel dress.  It comes with a hud that allows you to change the colors in about a zillion different options, and it was the FLF special last Friday.  What a deal!  Anywho toodles!


What I’m wearing:

cheLLe – (eyeliner) Adele Clover
Ingenue :: Organique Flats :: Straw
La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes (no longer available)
Lark – Jelly Glitter Headband – Pink
[e] Abbey – Black 04
[tea.s] Rainbow Heart Necklace
skin – Curio: Petal [Light] Jewel-Pure 2
eyes – Shine Monet Pewter


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