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Johnny Got a Boom Boom


Rockabilly is ascendant at Collabor88 and that makes me happy. Of course, rockabilly is a music genre – but it  has its own fashion aesthetic just a punk, hiphop and grunge do. Music and fashion are forever entwined.

I thought you might enjoy this neo-rockabilly song from Imelda May, Johnny Got a Boom Boom.  If you listen, you will learn he also has a bam.
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English Muffins



One Bad Pixel released a new mini-collection with a lot of wardrobe basics and this fabulous slip dress. I love dresses like these, light-weight with body-skimming fabrics that float gently, falling on your curves lightly and moving with your body. The large floral print is lush and the colors are so tempting and delicious.  Of course, with the mesh made by SLink’s Siddean Munro and the textures created by Adam n Eve’s Sachi Vixen, they are bound to be well made, beautifully fitted and textured.  Continue reading

Mixing Mesh


In my quest to find mixable mesh, I have found a few allies. Two of them, Eboni Khan of Hucci and Drinkenstein Sorbet of The Sea Hole, are featured in today’s post. What makes them an ally? Producing tops and skirts as separates so I can experiment with them in different looks beside the singular one they envision. This gives me the movement and texture depth and resolution of mesh and the flexibility and creativity in styling of system clothing – the best of both worlds.

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Steal My Kisses


I pulled into Nashville, Tennessee, but you wouldn’t even come around to see me
And since your headin’ up to Carolina, You know I’m gonna be right there behind you

Cause I always have to steal my kisses from you
Always have to steal my kisses from you
Always have to steal my kisses from you.
I always have to steal my kisses from you.

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Merry Christmas Alicia Chenaux

Alicia Chenaux_003

I met Alicia Chenaux on Plurk, though I had read her blog for a long time before that. I should say blogs since she has a fun journaling blog where she chronicles her Second Life adventures as well as her fashion blog. I first began paying attention to her blog when she began her 365 Project which was such a huge commitment. I don’t know if I would commit to blog for a full year even after blogging for four years. For me, it’s so much easier to do something than to say I will do something, because then I really have to. I admire people who have the will to make that kind of commitment up front. I also admire the kind of openness and vulnerability that journaling blogs require. It, too, requires a commitment beyond what I would do.

Alicia Chenaux_001

I was looking forward to seeing Alicia’s outfit because she’s a former model and I knew that work history would translate into an impeccable outfit that was perfectly fitted. And I was right from every Elikatira hair on her head to the GField shoes on her feet, everything is perfectly fitted. Her outfit seemed perfect for sightseeing and wandering the streets in the fashionable city of Venice which you can find on the Prada sim. I could see her modeling skills at work as she positioned herself on the dock by the gondolas while I was flailing around in the river after falling off the dock a few times. In fact, I had to run inside one of the stores and dry off while she patiently waited.

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I Like Big Boots And I Cannot Lie

I wasn’t much of a boot wearer before I met Jackal Ennui but she certainly changed my foot covering preferences. Between her original releases of romantic, intricately detailed boots to her new mesh releases, I’ve enjoyed all of her inspirations that warm my feet. Continue reading

It's Midnight, do you know where your shadows are?


I usually do not shoot my photos with shadows enabled.  They just are not important enough to me to bother with the hassles.  There’s so many little aggravations associated with it like turning system skirts into solid black in one viewer and losing all my alpha textures in another.  However, the new pose prop from Behavior Body told me it wanted me to shoot it with shadows and when pose props start talking, they cannot be denied. I decided to go with this cute day dress from Indie Rose for the Vintage Fair because the prop told me to go black and white. Give a prop and inch and it will take a mile.


I even found these Lotus Pumps with Dots from Baiastice because there’s no telling what the prop would have done if i could not find some black and white shoes. Of course, I was only speaking with one of the prop’s personalities. It comes with a HUD for communicating with its inner spirit and I could have called up different walls and floor textures and released a completely different character from the prop – there’s even one that probably went to Woodstock and hung out with Jimi Hendrix back in the day.
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Traveling in Bloom


Wearing the Son of a Gun Vintage Doll dress from Grixdale, it seemed like a great outfit to go somewhere off the beaten path, so I traveled to Everwind, a residential sim full of adorable cottages nestled in a pastoral and village landscape that would be a perfect setting for nearly any fairy tale. The gorgeous shoes from Donna Flora for Shoe Fair have their own fairy tale beauty.


Heading on down to the mill, I walked past a lovely waterfall, crossing over the river on an elegant bridge. There’s a beautiful flagstone path through the woods. While I was there, I tried out the special new poses from Bent! made just for the Bloom dolls by Catherine Fairport. She has some amazing photos on Flickr. You should go look!
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Fashion For Life & Why We Give


There are probably as many reasons for why we give as there are designers at Fashion For Life. Many give because it gives them a sense of worth and satisfaction to help others. Some give specifically to efforts that help fulfill their lives goals and passions. Others want to make a difference in the world, to know their life had meaning in the broader world outside their friends and family. Many give to advance their cultural and political values. Others give to be part of a community and to join with others who share their interests. Others because they feel a sense of responsibility to their community. Some give because they wish to lead. Others give to say thank you. Many give to memorialize and honor loved ones. Whatever their motivation, I am grateful that so many are motivated to spend hours creating beautiful designs to offer as gifts to support cancer research. When you go to the Fashion For Life event, look for the Fashion For Life vendors. 100% of the purchase price goes to the American Cancer Society. At Fashion For Life, you could be motivated to give for a multitude of reasons, but looking at dresses like this one from Nicky Ree, I think we need to add “looking good” to the list of motivations.

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