Voyageur à la Mode

posted by Gidge Uriza

Traveling in style is a fashion opportunity that should not be missed, in RL or SL. Today in RL my company will have a limo pick me up for transport to the airport – where I’ll be whisked off to destinations 1000 miles away.

Travelling by train or plane was once a reason to put on your best and for me today is no exception. Gidge is set for her travels in this delightful Boho dress from Digit Darkes. I have to confess I picked it up on one of her hunts for a linden – and when I put it on my first reaction was “Wow this is pretty what the HELL am I gonna wear it to?” Sometimes, with really original fashion pieces you have to let it simmer.

It wasn’t until I rediscovered Frangipanni hairstyles and this hair/hat style that the lights went off. I’d been packing for my trip and trying to decide WHAT Gidge had to wear for her travels and it just went BING! in my mind. I had owned some of their hair for ages and kept meaning to check out who made it, but I’m a blonde and kept forgetting. Imagine how EXCITED I was to find a fatpack of this an other styles for only $L1 !! Yeah you heard me – ONE LINDEN!

I decided to do a lot of mixing it up with my travel ensemble though, bringing out the Juicy Slingback Pumps paired with Digit Darkes tintable striped thigh highs.

I also searched high and low for an old fashioned train case style of suitcase, and I’d say I settled for this clutch except I LOVE IT! It’s color change was really inexpensive. You can find the clutch and a lot of other purses at Wandas.

Alright my lovelies, I’m off for parts so distant they make my head hurt. I may or may not be able to bring you the fashion of the natives where I’ll be staying…….we can only hope, right? Auf Wiedersehen!

Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – SDR Tone C
Hair – Frangipanni Grace 2 in Champagne (includes HAT for L$1)
Dress – Digit Darkes Boho Dress
Sunglasses – Tesla – Enchant Sunglasses in Red
Hose – X3D Couture Striped Thigh Highs with ankle ruffle
Shoes – Juicy Slingback Pumps in Peppercorn
Necklace – Dark Cranberry Wrapped beaded necklace from Bonitas
Bracelets – Tan and Pearls Bracelet 4 from Bonitas and Seasons Beaded bracelet
Earrings – Earthstones – Chakra Red Jasper
Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
Clutch – Signature Clutch from Wanda’s (color change)

Yeah ,I have on a lot of stuff.

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