Blogher 08 in SL Fashion Sense!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I finally picked up the free tshirts for this year’s Blogher in Second Life event.

What to do with a free tshirt?

I don’t WEAR Tshirts In World for the most part, except for my PRIM WHORE shirt from Weird Shit so really… what? I’m speaking this year – I’m kind of OBLIGATED to do something with this aren’t I?

TA DA! I figured it out!

Hope to see you there! Go to Blogher.Org if you still haven’t signed up there may still be a few spots opening for the PREMIER In World Blogging conference. I’m going to be on a panel with a bunch of people saying really serious stuff and I’ll probably be sitting there talking about where I like to buy hair like a dork but REGARDLESS – I hope to see you!!!

I will be holding office hours two more times before Blogher08 in SL kicks off! Tonight at 8pmSLT – 10pm SLT and Thursday 8pmSLT – 10pm SLT (slt = pacific time). If you still need training and these times work for you, see you there!

Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – Frick Retro Pinup Brigitte
Shirt – Blogher08 Green Tshirt Freebie
Pants – Kunglers Estella Pants
Shoes – Seasons Shoe Rack Lola Heels
Hair – Cake Europa
Shirt tied around Waste – Shirt/skirt Aohana by Izumiya

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