Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

posted by Gidge Uriza

One of my new favorite haunts is the duo of Seasons and Facets (now under construction……Grand Reopening Soon I hope). Chica Indigo has a great program that I love, keep her in your favorites and you are entered into a drawing every month for a free outfit. SWEET! So many stores have had and then abandoned those programs where you get paid to keep them in your pics…..I think mostly because the scripts didn’t work properly or possibly also because people were running Alts and scamming them….(jerks)

So anyone that I like that will also reward me for keeping them in my pics is a group I will seriously consider. I really liked Seasons and Facets even without that, though, the first time I popped over there. And this LOVELY pantsuit that I WON last month (Oh Did I MENTION that I WON? HEEE!) was a perfect compliment to one of my new PXL CRY skins.
I feel fall creeping up on me, I’ve been seeing sweaters and browns starting to litter the fashion landscape. Is it really that time already?
This pantsuit comes in multiple layers with jacket options of you can just wear the undershirt as a bustier for a sexier look. I can’t wait until they reopen to see what’s new at Seasons and Facets!

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Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – PXL Crys Fashion Eyes with Natural Lips
Eyes – FNKY Purple Rain
Hair – Frangipanni – Zoey Hair
Pantsuit and necklace – Fracesca by Seasons
Earrings and Shoes – Gracile Stone Queen
Nails – Coffee Bean from Adam N Eve

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