Never Too Chic To Sneak!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m sequestered this weekend (for the most part) doing the Blogher conference in SL! But I thought I’d take a few to share some FANTASTIC NEWS!! CHIC BOUTIQUE IS BAAACK! Did you know? I have always loved Chic Boutique, it’s one of those places that I have always steadfastly refused to take my friends – so that they couldn’t have the stuff I had haha. Yeah, I’m that jerk.

But you know how it is, you and your friends all shop at the same places and suddenly you are showing up to places in the same outift. It’s funny the first few times, and then it’s just ANNOYING. Chic Boutique has always been my ace in the hole, my “Oh I forget where I got this” place.  I went a few weeks ago and it was GONE! Under construction etc. Waaaaah!

And then I went back the other day and they were BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! WOOOT.

I decided to break out their white Versace pants and green draped halter for my night time sneak around Tempura Island.

I’m at BlogHer in SL all weekend, which means only one thing……I’m wearing new outfits for every session and I don’t know how Cajsa will ever manage to shoot them all without killing me. Hee!! See you all more regularly after this weekend is over.

Fashion Details

Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – Chestnut from Peppermint Blue
Hair – Detour – Luna in Hazel
Shirt – Chic Boutique Green Draped Halter
Pants – Chic Boutique White Versace Pants
Shoes – Seasons Shoe Rack Lola Shoes in Green

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