My Morning Adventure

My morning started simple enough, I thought I’d blog a dress that I had hung on my dressing room wall months ago, as decoration. I’d kind of forgotten it was a dress. But upon looking at it, I wasn’t sure it’d fit. Maybe Gidge had gained weight…

But once I got it on, it fit like a glove to I set out to do some exploring. I landed in a world where the contents of a giant handbag had been dumped all over the ground and a note was left there….so of course I had to see if something was amiss with the compact…

I found myself falling through space rather disconcertingly.

I landed in a world without color just shades of grey.

But I kept on, wondering what I might find next.

Despite conventional wisdom, I DID go into the light.

I landed in a magical fairy forest of glittering lights and giant, kindly grasshoppers who didn’t seem to have any malice of intent as I wandered through their land snapping pictures like a tourist. I couldn’t help but jump through the next door then to see what was next.

Which was probably my mistake…

Your shopping List:

Taken at LEA25 (158, 84, 1793)

Dress: Kuri Style: ONE-PIECE77raincoat
Tights: (Royal Blue) Colour Blocking Tights Aqua
Manicure: [ PXL ] Manicure – Blue #4
Lipstick: [PXL] GAIA NAT Cherry Lips (Tattoo)
Lashes: Miamai_LesMakeups_Lashes 15
Eyeshadow: [PXL] GAIA NAT Aqua Eyes (Tattoo)
Hair: ::Exile:: Colette:Roots-Vanilla
Bag: A-BOMB Hobo purse-purple (right hand)
Ring: Dark Mouse Statement Ring – Chocolates (Left)
Boots: Miamai_Rhana Gloss Poison
Shape: Gidge ~Skirt Shape~ Savoir Faire
Skin: [PXL] GAIA NAT 6.0 LEB
Eyes: Poetic Colors -classic – early coffee (m) bright
Poses: Status – Takeout Handbag Holds
Lingerie: Baiastice

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