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Let’s Kiss

I’m in studio today for a little more formal fashiony times, and I love finding a nice prop that I forgot about. I am using this pretty little stool from Zaara from an older Arcade release (I think) and it’s got a couple of nice clean sits in it.

This dress is still available at Collabor88 before they shut down to reset – and it’s a really cute clubby dress or summer poolside dress.  Thanks to it’s helpful hud I was able to get a near perfect match to my new shoes from Livalle.  Continue reading

Saturday Slacker

I wanted to wear something casual and laid back today because it’s my first day home with my family after being gone for a while.
Thus – today is a quickie from me.
But I picked up the cutest watch at Miel at FLF and so I built my outfit around it!

I rezzed my old photostudio to shoot this and was laughing hysterically the whole time. It’s an old N30 – and omg, it was poofing stars. I haven’t used it in OH ABOUT FOUR YEARS so I coudln’t figure out how to turn it off. Every time I tried-  it shut down the whole studio.

I need to studio shop hahahah. Continue reading