Indulging Barbie

You know Barbie. That bitch has everything. I saw no reason why she shouldn’t indulge in these gorgeous boots from Royal Blue. As a matter of fact, she liked them so much, that she spent over an hour trying to decide which pair to wear.
Then, because she’s a blonde and scatter brained – she promptly forgot she had them.

Silly Barbie.

In fact, the entire ensemble is from Royal Blue because this blonde got stuck on “Oh but I like THIS thing Marni made, and OH I like THIS thing Marni made” and so on and so on and eventually, my entire dressing time became a huge Marni Grut Love Fest and I just had to surrender and put it all together.
The Fair Isle dress and the colour block tights are a perfect compliment to her Elite and English riding boots.
I’ve actually been wearing the hell out of the tights hither and yon so it’s about time I showed them to you properly I think. I’m a sucker for well made tights.

Baiastice Marina - Peach tone - Makeup 9

Okay so this makeup from Baiastice is one of the base makeups avail of the new MARINA skins and how much does this remind me of all things Barbie Goodness has to offer? It totally spun me back to a year or two ago when La Syphilde had that AWESOME Barbie Doll makeup skin in her lucky chair and we all stalked it for WEEKS.

I was never allowed to wear blue eyeshadow – because it’s CHEAP and tacky.

Thus – I love it.

Hope all you fashionistas had a good weekend. See you tomorrow!

Your shopping list includes:
Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
Skin – Baiastice – Marina – Peach Tone – MAkeup 9
Hair – Truth – Betty – Platinum
Dress – Royal Blue – Fair Isle Dress in Navy
Boots – Royal Blue – Elite and English Boots – Moss
Tights – Royal Blue – Colour Blocking Tights – Deep Sea
Necklace – Dark Mouse – Hanging Rose
Lashes – Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo Number 5
Nails – sn@tch – Nail Candy – Pewter
Ring – EarthStones – Destiny Bridal Wedding Set

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