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Studio Time: FLUX is Awash In Sugar Skulls

I was raised protestant in the middle of America. We don’t have sugar skulls. In fact, I only ever heard of sugar skulls in SL. So when the Flux theme was DAY OF THE DEAD and people started putting out sugar skulls – I went -oh, this is connected?

Since cultural appropriation is a serious trigger for many people, I decided I should probably look up what all this means before I go wearing it. I learned a lot. Most of it creepy (to me). Continue reading

Studio Time:It’s a Cinch at Collabor88

It’s never a question that I will blog items from Collabor88, but for me the question is who to blog FIRST. There is such a consistent level of quality at the creators of Collabor88 that it has become painstaking to figure out which box I will open and like first.

That’s a cherished thing for an event, I would never lie and say I love everything I see. But the things that I love tend to be really well done.

So we’ll start this month with The SECRET STORE. Maylee Oh again hits one out of the park with a cinched high waist dress that leans toward a corset cut, juxtaposed with a Peter Pan collar. Sexy but demure. The name, Jezibell, leans toward the vintage cinched waist’s hint at corset pulling, but definitely keeps it PG with a delicately gathered bodice in rich deep tones. The skirt is textured with broad but faint stripes and shaded to indicate the fabric stretched over your curves. Continue reading


The Linden Landscape and be dreary, and apparently full of something glowing and full bright. You can’t count on your neighbors to be tasteful, that’s for sure. Since I now have friends who live somewhere in this megalopolis, I wanted to find a beacon that would help them get to #104 Linden Ghetto.

I feel like a MEGA FLAMINGO really says a lot.

It’s from Weather or Not for FLUX event and it’s not just decorative! It’s a festive pose prop. Continue reading

Let Me Introduce You To AUGUST FLUX Round

The FLUX Event this month is a Tiki Trailer park kitsch theme that is irresistible. The shopping kiosks are located on the various sandbar islands and up the hill in the trailers overlooking the whole build.

It’s a bloggers paradise with lots of great vignettes waiting for you to take pics of island and beachy themed fun, plus there are lots of goodies from props to clothes and more that I’m enjoying this round.

Dead Dolls has released a very simple but perfect summer sundress that happens to coordinate awesomely both in style and tone with the cherry red heels BOOM released at COLLABOR88 this month (PS ENDING SOON in case you didn’t go). Continue reading

When Two Moms Collide

Acha and I are doomed. Whenever we try to take a picture together, RL rains down on us like fire and brimstone from a past life catching up for old sins.  Like yesterday, we tried to have a quiet Fourth of July picnic when suddenly.


[18:27] Gidge (gidge.uriza): ok I have a poop incident…..
[18:27] Gidge (gidge.uriza): not mine
[18:27] Gidge (gidge.uriza): but i have to go

You see, the RL, there is poop.  Continue reading

I Have Some Boots You’re Going To Need

So I have NEWS! If you remember the FLUX events, the Mardi Gras, the Taxidermia event, then you might be excited to learn that FLUX is returning with a new monthly THEMED event. What’s fun about FLUX is that it isn’t a big discount room full of crap you don’t need, rather it’s a themed event where invited creators are releasing lovely items based on that month’s concept.

The first concept in the hopper is AMERICANA and I’ve got a sneak peak at the EASY RIDER boots from Memento Mori by FLUX creator GHOST MANNEQUIN. You’ll have to wait till July but it’s shaping up to be an AWESOME event. Continue reading

Mourn The Raven – at FLUX

Mourn the RAVEN - at FLUX

Quoth The Raven….yadda yadda…

The FLUX Event is in full swing with it’s nod to the more macabre and dark world of curio obscura. We are short two headed mermaids but not of much else, this is for sure. I’m wearing the Raven gown from Eclectic Firefly, pity the birds who are shivering as I swoosh about in their feathers. Continue reading