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Yummy Yummy Yummy, Love That Tummy

When I put on this lovely little number from Casa del Shai, the first thing I noticed is that little mole next to the navel on this gorgeous PXL Creations skin. Yummy! It was so yummy I changed the lyrics to the Herman’s Hermits song.  Love that tummy!!

I also love how beautifully the Bdreams dress named Puppy (no idea why) works over the Casa del Shai lingerie. And doesn’t that makeup make a lovely, sultry face?

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Chocolate Covered Secrets

Life is sweet at Cafe Gourmand.

Gidge and I were hanging out at Crimson Rezzable the other night. We had popped over to check out the Lucky Chair and noticed there was a flag hunt going on – continues through Sunday – and then just chatting while waiting for things to rez. All of a sudden I spied with my little eye this dress from lurvebite that had me squeeing with glee. It looks like Chocolate Covered Cherries. I nearly danced the dress please me so. Clearly I had to get it. Then I thought it would be fun to shoot it with some of the luscious pastries from Cafe Gourmand, our friend Cezare Blanco’s new store. I  tp’ed him over to the blogging headquarters to rez me some pastries.  He arranged them artfully and even included the magnificent cake he made for for Polaire and his wedding. After shooting this snap I had to log off to eat. Continue reading

She Flies Through the Air

with the greatest of ease – particularly when using the Aerial Assault poses from Long Awkward Pose. While visiting Festivale yesterday, I was entranced by Pixel Dust – a store in a big circus tent –  complete with trapeze swings. I remembered a dress Miffy from Zenith gave me a month ago or so and thought it might make the perfect aerialist dress.

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