She Flies Through the Air

with the greatest of ease – particularly when using the Aerial Assault poses from Long Awkward Pose. While visiting Festivale yesterday, I was entranced by Pixel Dust – a store in a big circus tent –  complete with trapeze swings. I remembered a dress Miffy from Zenith gave me a month ago or so and thought it might make the perfect aerialist dress.

Well, it’s official. I love Festivale – like the carnivals of the past, this is situated on open farm acreage so there’s a wonderful Dust Bowl vibe that had me playing with the windlight settings to give the photos an aged feel. With the red dust-filled skies, the bright tin shed  and the little pig in the background, Festivale seems inspired by Carnivale – the gothic circus series on HBO.

Here you can see the Victoria dress – a deep red satin with black lace in a corsetted top that would make any Goth happy…but works beautifully as an aerialist costume.

I added the Courtisane hors d’haleine ankle boots. I was less sure about wearing the open peep toed boots when I went outside the tent and saw the petting zoo and the shed barn with the steaming pile of poo.  Closed toe boots do have their appeal on a farm.

The skin is Marie Baroque from Xtreme Reality – chosen for its bisque doll features that suit the idea of the gothic carnival. The jewelry is from Perturbation and yes, i tinted every single one of the crystals. The red chandeleir necklace and earrings were a brighter pink than I wanted. It took some time but was worth the effort.

And now a curtsey before leaving the stage to make room for the next act.

****STYLE NOTES******
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Additional photos in the set here.

  • Poses: Long Awkward Pose
  • Skin: Xtreme Reality Marie Baroque
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Night Forest
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Nails: Symphony Skins Nails
  • Hair: Mirada Codie
  • Dress: Zenith Victoria Dress Red
  • Shoes: Courtisane Hors d’haleine
  • Jewelry: Perturbation Themisto (tinted)
  • At Festivale

The headquarters of Long Awkward Pose and PixelDust, the sim had a lovely boardwalk with a shooting range (I scored a pathetic 1280) as well as the traditional ferris wheet and merry-go-round. Like

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