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Blogging has many perquisites, or perks, that we try to make as transparent as possible so our readers know what may or may not influence us. I had to use the word perquisites instead of the usual perks just because 10 dollar words drive Tenshi crazy. And who can resist the opportunity?  Among the perks are occasional promotional copies, advance notice of some releases and even seeing and having an opportunity to give opinions on items in the process of creation. One perk not often mentioned is the occasional discovery of new stores and talents that come about as a result of a designer knocking on my IM window and saying I am sending you a couple items and hope you will look at them.  And that happened this weekend when Nikki Herron of G&N Quality Design sent me a couple folders, including this freebie that she has on offer for this week only.  I was immediately impressed by the quality of the textures – and the bold sweep of the top. I really love the attention taken with the wrinkles, the weave of the fabric and the weave in the capris.

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Hot Hair

When I saw Thalia Jie on Saturday, she was wearing the cutest hairstyle that I absolutely coveted. However, it was blonde so I didn’t just snatch it off her head and instead went to 0 Style as soon as my pixel feet could carry me. Now the style is named Prissy, but hey, designers can’t be perfect. You and I know there’s nothing the least bit prissy about the wild abandon, swing and movement in this hair. However, when someone creates hair this beuatiful, we can forgive a misleading name.

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