Freebie Love

posted by Gidge Uriza

Okay I don’t have a song.  This one is just a quick but I wanted to show you some great free stuff, both hunt and NON Hunt.

The clothes are from Merlynn’s Closet which is new to me. I TPd over on a notice of a free outfit to check them out and I’m really digging the casual pieces she gave away (pictured). The top was available in multiple layers (YAY! GOOD CREATOR!)  with different options and the pants are a nice rich texture that has good details. So YAY! I’m not sure these are still free but their quality warrants a visit! I’m totally going back.

The hair is free from Laqroki (YES YES I KNOW everyone on the planet knows Laqroki has free hair……….OR DO THEY?) and the nails are from Digit Darkes UnDress store – right next to her main store. The freebie packs are STILL there and include mani,pedi and eyelashes.

The skin is part of the KISS hunt and is at FLEUR (love FLEUR!).

Last but not least I think these shoes are STILL free at Tesla…..last I checked they were around the lucky chairs. 

Oh wait…….they EYES. The eyes were a gift for going to Ryker Beck’s new gallery, she gave away a slew of “ELEMENTAL” Eyes. I’m wearing FIRE. They are spectacular.

They Eyes are from Ryker Beck - Genesis - Elemental - FIRE

 Fashion Details


  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – Fleur Allure  Valentine Hunt Skin
  • Hair -Laqroki – Camellia – Ash Blonde
  • Eyes – Genesis – ELEMENTAL EYES- FIRE
  • Clothes- Merlynn’s Closet – Green Short Top w/print Jeans
  • Shoes – Tesla – Elise 2
  • Nails – Digit Darkes – Undress – Freebie Satin nails
  • Earrings – Izumiya (also free) Daichi

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