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Haute Cuisine and Hot Cuisine

Roslynd Turbo from Plausible Body has created awesome and funny chef outfits for ladies and gents who are in the mood for some kitchen action….whatever that means 😛

We can decide to be a perfect, serious cook……..
I'm a busy, serious, cook

….who’s posing for the press…
Shhh, the cook is posing!

….and who can’t find the carrots.
where are the carrots when i need them?

Here’s the killer cook!

And here’s the sexy one:
helloooo darling.....*wink*


So we have the female chef set in white, black and blood-stained version, the female sexy chef set in white and black version, the male chef set in white, black and blood-stained version. Each outfit comes with a multi-tool belt and a HUD which allows you to use up to 6 different utensils in your hand.

These sets are all open price, so you can click them, get them and pay whatever you want.

Are you ready for some fun in the kitchen???? 😛

Thank you, Roslynd Turbo 🙂



  • Outfit: Plausible Body – Chef – Female White
  • Outfit: Plausible Body – Chef – Female Bloody
  • Outfit: Plausible Body – Chef – Female Sexy Black
  • Skin: Mynerva – Sara Pure
  • Hair: Clawtooth – Somebody’s lady
  • Hair: Clawtooth – Louise Brooks
  • Tattoo: Urban Republic Co. – Good ‘N’ Evil
  • Location: What Next store


There’s an Angel…

Hello, everyone, and welcome back  🙂
After the big migration I’m back to blogging and I thought I’d start by showing you something absolutely gorgeous:

Symphony of Emotions

Angel from Ladies who Lunch is one of the most fabulous dresses I have ever worn in this Second Life of mine. It’s made of feathers but it might be rather reductive to call it a feather dress, in my humble opinion. It’s a mix of avant-garde, fantasy, romanticism, beauty. It puts a smile on my face, it makes me dream. I really enjoy wearing it. I think the name Angel fits this dress perfectly and not because it’s white, don’t you agree, Cajsa? 😉 It comes in various awesome colours and I chose it in white just because I was in a “white look” mood.

See the beauty?

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My cute school uniform :D

Hello, everyone 🙂

I was really happy to see Rhapzody Wilde back in action, after months of silence. I’ve got this notecard from Mynerva group and thought ( well…I might have said it LOUD ) “Hang on…Mynerva?!?! Woohoo!”. So yeah, she’s back with great group gifts, a delicious taste of her new skin line that will be released soon and, obviously, I can’t wait!!!

Here’s Milena, one of Mynerva group gifts which will be available for a limited time: it comes in porcelain and latte (with freckles) tones and with dark and light makeup.


I love it *_*

While hanging around the store and enjoying the skin, I received a notecard from [Sheep Door] announcing that, in order to celebrate their anniversary, they put out one colour of their new release – a super cute school uniform in both female and male versions – on the lucky boards, so I had to teleport over and have a look. The shop was, and still is, very crowded, everyone was there to stalk the lucky boards, so I decided to stay a few minutes and wait for my letter to show up and, in case I got tired of waiting, I would have bought the outfit. Yes, in one way or another, I would have got that school uniform because it’s one of the cutest uniforms I’ve ever seen.
At some point the O showed up and I got the prize. Yay! 😀

At the Kowloon market

I also got the male prize 😛

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Stranger in Tableau

A few days ago I was such in a shopping mood (it never happens….erm…..sure!) that I created a totally new look which i’m so in love with. And today, me, stranger in Tableau, took some snaps I hope you’ll appreciate.

Stranger in Tableau

Happy is a new to me brand that I casually discovered lately and, well, when I saw this awesome tunic I knew it would have been mine. I chose the cream tone and I’m really Happy (:P) with it!

Do you like my new bag?

What to wear with the tunic? Stretchy skinny jeans would be a good choice, along with leggings like the cute ones from Tee*fy I’m wearing in the pic.
Then I thought I needed a bag that could go well with the outfit and Izumiya came to my mind. And I was right, I found this cool bag which can be worn on shoulder or on hand and that is scripted to change textures in 12 different colors. Oh, I so like it!

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Greetings from LaPerla!

Hiya! 🙂

While visiting LaPerla – old Italy, a beautiful sim that is a tribute to the real-world Tropea in southern Italy, I decided to take a few shots to show you both the place and the lovely items I was wearing.

Greetings from LaPerla!

The cute top is from tulip. and is available at The Fashion Garret. It’s really well done and can be worn with or without the bolero, it’s cool either way.

I suggest you check out the other offerings from this new TFG collection, there’s awesome stuff!

The kitty cat and me :)

Do you recognize the necklace? One of the best MIEL creations ever, in my humble opinion. Even the kitty cat posing in the pic with me loved it 😀

I purchased it two weeks ago, as it was out for the Fifty Linden Friday, I guess it’s available in store now. It can be personalized using a fantastic hud that allows you to compose your name or whatever you want. Also, it’s scripted to change textures in 4 unique color sets and resize.

There’s also a matching bracelet, that I’m not wearing in the pic, with the same features.

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Molly Gets Jake!

Why that title?

It’s the name of one of the outfits I’m going to show you in this post and it caught my attention from the moment I read Ivey Deschanel’s notecard some weeks ago. Yes, Ivey Deschanel. Yes, this post is all about Sn@tch 😉  I know this brand since my early days in SL and I absolutely love Ivey’s talent and originality. Herself too, ‘cause she’s crazy 😀
So here’s a few items available at the Sn@tch store, but – trust me – there’s so much more to see and to drool over. As you might already know, all Sn@tch products always come in different color packs and the prices are totally affordable.

Golden Swirl
Look at this boho skirt with flexy ruffles all around (I immediately fell for it!), it comes in 7 colors and I paired it with one of cutest tube tops I ever seen. You can choose to purchase these tops in the sheer ribbed version or in the desaturated velvet one, each pack contains 8 colors.

Oh yeah, i'm cool!
In the picture above we have the butch tank top which comes in 9 colors and it’s available in the solid and sheer versions. I paired the top with these rolled up belted jeans, so lovely and so vintage, they come in 8 colors. And look at the shoes: I dig them so much! Just click on them and you get 35 texture options, 27 color tints and, obviously, tons of possible combinations.

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Hello, cherry blossoms 🙂

I hope this lovely Springness put a smile on your face, not that we need the Spring season to smile, but heeeeey it might help 😀

This month’s theme for CHIC Limited event is……..guess……..”Cherry Blossoms” (!!!) and here I’m going to show you the amazing newest release from Miamai:

Sakura Revealed

Sakura Revealed, from the BlackLabel Collection, a tribute to the delicate beauty of the Sakura flower.

Sakura Revealed 2

It’s a gorgeous sculpted dress decorated with cherry flowers on chest, skirt and head (yes, there’s also a headpiece!) and absolutely sweet petals that add the final touch to this piece of art.
I also love the color of the dress and the flexy part of the skirt, which is perfectly jagged.

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Don't you just love Spring Sales???


As you shopping maniacs might have noticed, on SL Spring brings lots of sales and fashion events, I wish this could happen in RL too^^  Anyway, like a crazy bee attracted to the tastier pollen ever, I’ve been floating around some of my fav stores that are having sales these days and I got such cuuuuute stuff at such gooood prices that I can’t help but suggest you to take advantage of these sales too.

Here’s part of the items I purchased:

Lemme pose

The lovely hair is from fri.day, I love the way the loose ponytail rests on the shoulder, it looks so realistic. The dress is from Kyoot, it’s being sold in different textures, I chose this one ‘cause I find it really sweet and springy at the same time 🙂   The Spring sale at Kyoot should be over now, check anyway or buy anyway…heheheh.

Get it?

These boots from COCO are all over the feeds, it’s the first item I obviously purchased at The Dressing Room which is celebrating its first anniversary, and I matched them with the awesome hoodie from Grixdale, the jean mini-skirt from Berries Inc. and the top from Kyoot. Interesting outfit, don’t you think so? 😛
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elf tuesday – cuteness

“Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering” – Winnie the Pooh 
I admit I love to get my cute on.  While in all other parts of my life people are still urging me to “grow up”, in SL I have yet to find a definition of “grown up”.

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