Two if By Sea

Longfellow’s poem tells us that Paul Revere instructed the colonials to hang lanterns “one of by land, two if by sea” at the Old North Church in Boston. I’m not sure if this is before, after or during his ride warning, “The British are coming! The British are coming!” But it occurred to me, remembering this poem, that the colonials must have already considered themselves “other” to be referring to the advancing army as “The British”. 

Because lets face it, very shortly before, that would’ve just been “their” army. Which is just an aside but a pretty important distinction. It’s interesting to me, having only just considered it.

Lanterns are beacons.  The can be warnings, or welcomes, depending on their intent.  A light lit to show you the way home, to let you know a heart is waiting for you.  You can find your way, if a lantern is lit well enough, even through the most clouded and foggy times.

And then you can find your way home.  Where someone you love waits.

Paul Revere didn’t know it, but he was helping us find our way home.  Now pass the cheeseburgers.

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

                                           ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


Shape: Savoir Faire -Gidge
Skin: Baiastice – NIna – Porcelain – Makeup 9
Hair: SLINK – Nicolette – Pale Blonde
Dress: Baiastice: Lily – Azure
Shoes: Baiastice: Etienne – Silver
Earrings: Ear Candy – Hoops
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Iced Jasmine

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