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I Am Easily Amused


Seriously, I got far too much of a kick at wearing L’Abel at La Perla – an la-diculous la-incidence that more mature people would not even notice. Oc course, I am one of those people who can get fixate on a word and play with it, pulling it apart, removing the wheels and inspecting the undercarriage. I keep a dictionary for bathroom reading. My college offered a Linguistics major and though it was not my major, I spent many hours in the Word Room where my incipient love of words deepened into a life time love affair. L’Abel is a perfect store name for me, a neologism that references the creator’s name (Neferia Abel) and makes light fun of the emphasis on labels and branding in fashion marketing. It’s sly, clever and witty. Speaking of sly, clever and witty, what about that hat?

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.15


The first show on Tuesday was from Neferia Abel, showing her contemporary label L’Abel. I had computer issues during the show and only saw two of the outfits. Technically I saw several others but only the prims rezzed and all the system pieces remained gray. Of course, I was crashing like mad. I think SL was hinky, because then the sim crashed, giving me time to figure out which viewer to use for the rest of the day. I tried from the beginning Viewer 3.0, 3.0 Beta, Firestorm, Kirstens, Catznip and lastly Synchronicity and that one finally rezzed people’s clothing for me and let me snap pics without crashing. In fact, I only had one crash during the next three fashion shows.


Next up was A La Folie, The first shot is the designer Pixivor Allen. The collection is a range of romantic looks with vintage inspiration. There’s plenty of sparkle, too. If you watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week, you learned that sparkle and bling are far, far different things and never the twain shall meet.
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A House at EverSea – Accessory Fair


EverSea is a wonderful sim created by Grace Loudon who has built some amazing sims including Steiglitz for Fashion For Life, Rivet Town and of course, EverSea and EverWind. I poked about one of the houses for rent and if I were in the market for an historic home from the pre-industrial era, I would definitely look there. It sure is a fun place to take pictures – such as these shots of some new releases for Accessory Fair and a dress from L’Abel.
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Strawberry Pie & Country Chic


When I saw the new G2 Patched Jeans from WoE, I thought they would look so good with the new Country Chic collection from L’ABel. I just love the synchronicity of Second Life® which dictates that things that work well together come to us around the same time. The actual principle is the Linden Law of Meaningful Coincidence located in the Terms of Service section titled, The Collective Unconscious and Second Life. Look it up!


Any doubts you may have about Second Life and the Acausal Connecting Principle will be squashed when you consider that at the same time, Gos released these Pimp Your Pumps Buckle Ballet flats. As you can clearly see, synchronicity is the law of the land in Second Life.
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County Chic In Another Country

Neferia Abel recently released her COUNTRY CHIC collection and after I got done drooling over the soft cotton look with eyelet laces, I was determined to find some place different to shoot it.

My love affair with the third party viewers continues to be one of love and hate.

Today’s it’s love.

The magical land of GreenBurg was the perfect place to soar around via dandelion and enjoy the breathtaking vistas and vignettes. Makes me wish I was a GOOD photographer. Continue reading

Mother, May I?


This blog title was brought to you courtesy of boyo on Plurk. When I asked for blog title ideas last night, I got a few and I am going to use them. Besides, it sort of fits with the intrepid Toonip Bloom I have sent off exploring today. Exploring Second Life is one thing, exploring islands with pirates! is another. But intrepid Toonip is intrepid and heads off without a worry or without asking, “Mother, may I?” Of course, it’s easy to feel intrepid when you’re looking all sweet and wonderful in Neferia’s Abel’s newest collection for L’Abel.

By the way, I am playing hooky to go exploring. You see, there’s a new feed in town and so I decided to lope off and play hooky so I could tell you about it. It’s the SL Style Academy and there are new-to-me bloggers on the feed, which is always a plus. It has a fun conceit and I love that they stick with it in their feed design.

Add the fabulous Coral Frills pump from S@bbia which can be found at the Shoe Fair, and you’re unstoppable. I am using some more of the Bent! poses made specially for the Bloom dolls.
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Two Moons Island


I wandered around the beautiful Two Moons Island wearing a lovely purple suit from L’Abel called Chaya. The suit is a classic jacket and skirt with modern details such as the exposed zipper up the front, the bold shoulders and the belled sleeves.


Such a beautiful outfit deserves a truly spectacular place and Two Moons Island, home of the always inventive MiaSnow, is just that place. There’s nothing like strolling in the moonlight under two moons in a nebula filled sky to remind you how beautiful Second Life can be.
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SHHHH There's a Party!

I am wearing my pretty party dress from L’Abel because TODAY is a special Tea and Cupcakes Party at ADAM N EVE!
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