Two Little Girls In Braids

posted by Gidge Uriza

Sometimes when you make a friend you feel a bond that you don’t really understand the root of, but it’s definitely there.  What I have learned after almost two years of knowing Cajsa is that our bond was formed in the centuries old tradition of the Women of Northern Europe.

Hair Braiding.

For you see, once upon a time – we were two little girls in braids. Our hair woven in a crown tightly around our head. Snugly set in place so that you could sleep on it or shower and those braids were not coming out no matter what.

If you have never been through this ritual you don’t know the scraping of your skull that goes on with the comb, the tightening of your face as the braids pull your entire head up toward the sky.

But there is something about it, as your mother wreaks havoc upon your head – that is comforting;your mother’s touch, her smell, the knowledge that your hair will soon be done. The conversations while she braids, weaving around your head the mass of blonde or red hair that you most likely inherited from her.

I am so pleased to wear the CAJSA hair from Truth.

Because as you can see, I too was once a little girl in braids. If you were one too – then you know what I mean.

style notes:

  • shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Exodi – Shiloh – Cream tone – Bender
  • Hair – TRUTH – CAJSA in Barley
  • Top – Pink Outfitters – Fi Cardi and White Cami
  • Pants – SLINK – Buckle Dress Pants in Blue
  • Shoes – D’Uh – White and Gold Slip on CLogs
  • Earrings – Ear Candy – Total Betty Opening Gift

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