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Look What I Found…

Ok.. I didn’t find it… but my sistah Gracee did! And cause she showed me, she gets to be in this blog post with me!

GL Designs has fabulous clothes with wonderful textures and totally affordable prices!

More pictures and style notes after the cut.

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Elf Tuesday – Surf Couture

Everyone has shopping habits or their own approach to shopping.  Myself, I love finding a deal, and then discovering the other items in the store.  Which is how todays outfit came to be.
So it started with the Boots, a great deal offered at Fifty Linden Friday.. They were definetly last week’s *MUST HAVE*

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There is a party going on at Exile – The THREE YEAR BIRTHDAY SORT! Yes Exile’s been around for three years and it’s time to celebrate! I hear through the grapevine that there are gonna be specials and gifts and dancing dwarves…….

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