Dress Me Up Challenge: Gidge as a Neko

posted by Gidge Uriza

Dear God. Know why I don’t do Neko? (Besides the tails creep me out and make me think of THIS) It’s the accessories! I just can’t buy super cute ears PLUS rockin Hair or a tail AND shoes. WOW. Nekos  spend a lot of money on stuff. YOWZAH.

At least – to look cute they do.

Maybe if a Neko and a spoiled fashionista had a baby – THIS is what she would look like!

I opted for the Uncle Wiggly necklace which was “collarish” vs. a real collar. And bushier eyebrows than I normally wear.

AH not my best effort, but clearly, I’m not a member of the Paws Clan.

I feel certain that Clara Bow will be more within my range!

Fashion Details

  • Shape _ Gidge custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – MVS Xtreme Reality SKin – Heidi – Active Red
  • HAir Diversity hair – Freshia – Sunshine Blonde
  • Dress – Frangipanni Designs – Floral Print – Freebie
  • Necklace – Uncle Wiggly – Triple Marge in red & black
  • Ears – Neko Style EArs Black (that I won on a hunt!)
  • SHoes – Juicy Slingback pumps in Peppercorn

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