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Catching up with Lorelei

Whippet & Buck's High-waisted skirt allows for fun mixing and matching.

One of the real pleasures of the Double Take project is catching up with old friends with whom I have lost touch. One such person is Lorelei Maggs whom I met when I worked cleaning up prim trash at Vicious and Gidge was my boss. She was also an early client of MDR Studio – though Maht took her pictures, not me. So last night was the first time she was in front of my camera and as soon as I zoomed in I saw she had on some breathtaking jewelry. Surprise, surprise! She had made it. I got a LM and went there immediately after I finished shooting last night and picked up some amazing sets…one of which I put on and decided to add to this outfit.

Lorelei Maggs: A Double Take Photo.

Lorelei Maggs: A Double Take Photo.

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