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Fashion Vanguard

Chic2 Vanguard

There is a vanguard in any human endeavor, there is a vanguard that leads the way forward. They are the ones who develop new ideas. The find the new technologies and adopt new ways of communicating in music, literature and art. They are the forward shock troops in combat and in culture. It’s appropriate, then, that the store Vanguard in Second Life produces clothing that is completely á la page and then one step beyond.

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Lucille Ball Was Right


Pose set, dress and hair can all be found at the Chic² event until June 24th

“If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.
The more things you do, the more things you can do.”
Lucille Ball

Lucy could have been talking about Keira Seerose,  who was busily preparing plans for Vintage Fair as Chic², celebrating the second birthday of her Chic Management company opened to eager crowds yesterday.  Yesterday, just a little over a week after the huge fundraising event Culture Shock closed.  With one event after another, she proves again and again that if you want something done, as a busy person to do it.

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Three Events

Are you hungry for mesh? Then you should run, not walk, to faMESHed. And yes, I still privately call it Fame Shed because that’s how we roll here. There’s lots of delights there and with some of the other events going on this weekend. There’s so much going on, that I put together this post with an item or two from three different events.

The dress, however, is even more special because it is not associated with an event. Yes, you get to go to an actual store! I came across Bilo at The Ashraya Project, loved the design aesthetic and the workmanship and went on a mini-spree at the store where I picked up this fabulous dress that combines the fit of system where with the flexibility and finesse of mesh. Instead of the old hated crotch flap, there is a mesh skirt panel that makes the system pants and top into a dress. It’s well done, merging mesh with system pieces so you can’t even see the join except from certain extreme angles and positions.

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Can’t Orkney firbkkk phone

Zenith June

Can you believe Gidge posted this morning before heading off for surgery? She also live-plurked her way through much of the pre-operative process of drugs and painkillers preparing her for surgery, until her last pre-surgery message, “Can’t Orkney firbkkk phone.” Orkney is where mommies go to nap.

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Maybe Makybe

Makybe Whippet & Buck

I was drawn to this dress after seeing Real Housewives star Heather Dubrow sporting her 99th outfit with a white Peter Pan collar attached to it because it was a pleasure to see a dress where a Peter Pan collar made sense. This is a sweet and simple casual dress without the layers of lace and chiffon and sequins that she wears with her white collars. Don’t get me wrong. I like an unusual detail and fashion eccentricities, but when it becomes a schtick, people stop paying attention to you and pay attention to your gimmick instead.

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Green with Envy

Shiki Envy

Shinichi Mathy has released two new dresses for Shiki Designs this week.  I was drawn most to this beautiful, closely-fited sheath called Envy which comes in green, blue and yellow.  I can see Joan Holloway wearing this dress, can’t you?

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The Marshes


I swung by the Gulf of Lune for a visit. It’s such a lovely sim, peaceful and relaxing. Perhaps it comes from growing up on a lake, but I love the lakes and marshes of Second Life. For my travels, I wore this lovely top. It’s from Kunglers who have begun making mesh now, too. It comes in five sizes though I had to wear the large instead of my usual medium. The top is sexy as all get out as you can see. The pants are from Peqe. Oddly enough, I had to wear the large size in those as well. I think I must have accidentally added some weight.

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Not Too Late

Not Too Late

I was going to blog this lovely gown I picked up at Culture Shock, but I ran out of time. Culture Shock closed yesterday and I am eager to hear how much was raised in total. Anyway, although this was a donation gown at Culture Shock, it will be available after the event at Vanguard, a store that features wonderfully bold and provocative clothing.

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Time Is Running Out

Spright Inspire

Today is the last day of Culture Shock. I popped by last night to do some last minute shopping and there were only about 6 to 10 other people, making it a delightfully lag-free shopping experience. If you have been deterred by lagophobia lo these many days, now is your chance to find delightful dresses like this one from Spright and fun fashions and shop until you drop knowing that your lindens are saving lives for people whose time literally is running out without the fabulous work of Médecins Sans Frontières MSF (Doctors Without Borders).


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Could you conquer this carnival?

May 25

One of my favorite features of the clothing from Torn - by Torn Difference - is the bright, vibrant prints. Incidentally, this mesh top fits so perfectly with my Medium Standard Size-optimized shape, I didn't even wear the alpha! The mon tissue Westbury Mini continues to dominate. I am so happy I fat-packed that skirt because it has become a Go-To item for me.

I’ve got it bad
What do I do with this ache that I have?
Just let it be,
Or should I use all the tricks up my sleeve?

This ain’t a game
This ain’t a game I want to play
All the pieces are frayed
And there are rules
Oh, these are rules I can’t obey

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