Back to the Jersey Shore


The Jersey Shore is such a fun sim, I had to run back for some more shots. As you can see, I am standing by The Hammer on the Midway – waiting for some guy to come along and impress me. Sadly, the sim was noticeably man-free that day. I guess I will have to hit the Hammer myself. So long as I don’t get any grease on my summer white little skirt from Whippet & Buck. It’s amazing how filthy those hammers get when they aren’t hitting anything other than the game.

Honestly, the Duck Hunt is more my speed. I always liked the Duck Hunt even though I understood the game was rigged and there might not even be one winning duck in the mix. That doesn’t matter when I have such winning shoes as these square-toed shoes from G. Field. With a touch script to change the trim and to turn off the version 1 invisiprims, these shoes are style and inventory win!

The top is from DeLa and comes with or without the white trim and the fabulous scarf comes in the package with it.


This cute little hairstyle is from Kik and the headband is a touch-change prim so you can have some variety. The skin is the new Chic from Curio. I am loving the new line with a slightly less plumped lip shape.

***STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: EverGlow
  • Skin: Curio Chic Pure 2
  • Eyes: Unique Sensitive Eyes
  • Lashes: Lelutka
  • Hair: kik Monica
  • Top: DeLa Tank Top Jessie
  • Skirt: Whippet & Buck Drew Miniskirt
  • Shoes: G Field Square Toe Shoes
  • Accessories: scarf is part of DeLa Jessie Tank
  • Jewelry: Cailyn’s Jewelry Hoopy Earrings
  • Location: Jersey Shore

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