If Beau Brummel Were the Designer for Star Wars


If Beau Brummel were the designer for Star Wars, I think Darth Vader might have had a cute little number like this and we would have been so much happier with the Empire. After all, if you must have evil overlords, they should be sharply dressed evil overlords.

This is Show Hack, from Violator and it’s the perfect outfit for the Cyber-Regency. Now, where do we find a mad king? The jacket is a tour-de-force, with every possible adornment for the cyber-dandy. Chrome flashes from every angle with a winging epaulette, a waist cincher, and little fobs and other embellishments. While most Regency dandies tied elaborate cravats out of silk and lawn, my cyber-dandy has a chrome cravat that goes so high it would leave Brummel whimpering on the floor. The wisps of fabric pay homage to the regency’s lovely silks with their airy flow, but the membranic texture is purely cybernetic. The suit came with pants and boots that looked great, but I know that the tighter the breeches and boots, the better for the Cyber-Regency fashion maven, so I chose these skin tight boots from Baiastice in a very modern PVC.


The Show Hack outfit even includes the jewelry and hair and this anti-mask. Unlike the Empire’s grim and menacing masks, this one illuminates the face with a dash of glow, as good for the complexion as the best face creams. It’s the mask du jour for the most fashionable imperial hordes. Those fabulous feather eyelashes come with the outfit as well. The makeup is from Blush – and really works well to create this cyber-regency vision.

I should point out that the hair comes in black, I edited unlinked parts to change the texture color, adding red and also tossed on a hair tattoo from Amacci to match.

  • Poses: Di’s Opera
  • Skin: [BLUSH] Chloe Skin – Look Magnifique
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors
  • Baiastice_Winter leggings/shoes
  • Amacci Hairbase Tattoo – Sangria
  • Outfit: Violator-Show Hack-Black Silver-Shirt-Jacket-Gloves-Lashes- makeup-hair-helmet-earrings-Riding Crop – belt – scarves – cape
  • Location: Insilico

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