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So I Went to Pteron


I love this new bodysuit from House of Hucci with its gorgeous dropped sleeves – something you can find at the Call For Couture event that is raising funds for The Samaritans. Although they have been planning this for a long time, the recent spate of suicides has made the event more timely than they could have imagined. Because the SL fashion world is always busy with events and charitable activities, the Jewelry Fair is also busy raising funds for Oxfam International. Doing good by looking good! That’s should be Second Life fashion’s motto.


Pteron has many different places to visit when you go there, but I was captivated by this stairway that would probably give me an anxiety attack in real life. For the shoot, I used Codie’s fabulous windlight settings that are included in many of the alternate viewers. This is Rouge 4 and has such a dramatic feeling that it seemed perfect for that tense balancing act on the stairs and the ominous setting of this fortress.
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