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You Put The Boom Boom Into My Heart!! <3

Good morning to all of you beautiful people out there in the wonderful world of Second Life!! ūüėÄ I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far and yaaaayy tomorrow is Friday!! hehe Well.. I just HAD to wear this jacket.. I was looking through my older stuff and I found it!! It was like Christmas all over again!! I have a really bad habit of picking an item of clothes to base a whole look around.. Some times its a necklace.. Dress.. Shoes… But today its this jacket.. Check it ouuuutt!! <3

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Hey, Everybody, Have You Heard?


I bet you thought I was going to mention Vintage Fair, didn’t you? Well, you are mostly right, but there is that old traditional song that has been revitalized and covered by everyone and their sister. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anyone “gonna buy me a diamond ring” right soon, so turn that soundtrack down in the back. Yes, I admit it, I am going to slather and drool all over the Vintage Fair, but I think that’s okay, I slather and drool over vintage all the time and this is the first exposition of vintage designs I can recall. One of the wonders I found at the Fair is this sweet and lovely day dress from Paper Doll. Yellow is such a tricky color, but I do love this pale lemon that is just about the shade of washed butter or shaved lemon ice. It’s such a delectable color it makes me think of yummy foods, I notice. I will confess that my avatar build is not even close to the build this dress was made for, but it’s modifiable and with plenty of stretching I finally got it big enough to go around my waist. As you can see, once fitted, it looks good in many positions.

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Ohaiiii 2 Posts in One Dayyyy!!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! I just wanted to share a quick simple post¬†with you… The newest from -paper.doll-¬†annnnd [NSD]!!! ūüėÄ I have been looking EVERY where for cute white pants and I am happy to say [NSD] has just released them!!! hahaha¬† I did not know that NSD¬†had a females section!! I knooooww¬†I knooooww¬†shame on meeeee!! But I went a little crazy and lets just say the white pants are not the only thing I walked out of the store with! HA!

Annndd you should all know -paper.doll-¬†is one of my fav stores.. I love the clothes there and yea… I saw the new dresses and thought they would just go great with the new white pants!!¬†I hope you all have a great evening¬†and I will see you guys tomorrow!!

Skin – Lara Hurley – Ava
Tats – [HUZ]– Dark Floral
Piercings Р<- Pierce Of Mind -> РFluffy V2 (modded)
Eyes – .ID. – Light Sensitive
Ears ‚Äď .ILLUSORY. ‚Äď Elven Ear ‚Äď b3
Hair – .: vive9 :. – Freja
Dress & Belt – -paper.doll- – Blair
Pants – [NSD] – Miami Trousers
Shoes – [PM] – Jori 2
Necklace Р[MANDALA] Рkagetora

KelKels Bloom <3333333

¬†Okkkkiii.. FINNNEE!! Lol I so caved and got into the Bloom thing!! hahaha¬†They are too adorable not to!! Sand Shack Surf Co. really did an amazing job at these.. Totally took the Meeroos¬†out of talk for a few days! lololol Just kidding!! But really.. so adorable.. Check me out as a Bloom!! ūüėÄ <3

¬†For my location picture I went to *Agharta*¬†to take it… suuucchhh a pretty sim!!! If I had to choose my fav thing about my bloom.. It would be how AWESOME !lamb.¬†hair looks on it!! See!!

I hope you All have a wonderful dayyyy!!! <33333333

Bloom Doll *Ume Bloom*- (skin, shape, & head) – Sand Shack Surf Co.
Hair – !lamb. – Oh Sugar
Pants – [ATOMIC] – Skinny Jeans
Shirt –¬†{paper.doll}¬†– SimpleTank
Vest – Izzie’s – Draped Vest
Shoes – J’s¬†– WesternBoots
Belt Р.:Hermony:. РLuckyDeath-Belt
Necklace –¬†¬†[W&B] – Repairs Necklace

Location – *Agharta*

Ohai There! <3

¬†HI!!!! I swear I havent forgotten about you guys!! Yesterday… Now power for me until late night.. Now today Internet issues! BUT! I will make it up today with a cute LOTD¬†for yas!! ūüėÄ What I bring you guys today is a cute street/casual outfit!! Newness from Suicidal Unborn is always a win in my books annnnnd¬†cute cute¬†colorful¬†stockings from Moloko!! I hope you all enjoy!! <3

I know.. random Coke machine picture.. but hey… it fits with the casual look and not to mention my 1st thought when I saw it “OH! Pretty colors!” lol <3

I hope you guys are all having a great wonderful dayyyyyy and see you tomorrow!! <3

Skin – -Belleza- Erika
Tats – [HUZ]– Dark Floral
Piercings Р<- Pierce Of Mind -> РFluffy V2 (modded)
Eyes РPoetic Eyes РBeryll
Ears ‚Äď .ILLUSORY. ‚Äď Elven Ear ‚Äď b3
Hair –¬†[elikatira] – Blind
Shirt Р-SU!- РKaylen T-Shirt Long Sleeve
Under Shirt Р{paper.doll} РSimpleTank
Skirt Р::HH:: РHucci Deco Pokcet Denim Shorts & Skirt
Stockings – >>> moloko < – Core Socks & Garter Belt black
Shoes – Tiny Bird – Wanderer Boots
Necklace – ::TOXIC KITTY:: – Take Flight Necklace

-Paper.Doll- Newness

I know its not new new newwww but I havent had the chance to blog it and show it off just yet.. SO! here is the new Lingerie line from -paper.doll- love love lovveee.. Just in time for Valentines day for your hunnies.. OR If your like me.. Just to wear around for the hell of it!

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