The Robber Brides

The Robber Bride is one of my favorite books by Margaret Atwood, a modern spin on the Brother’s Grim Tale where instead of a male villain – the female takes the role, stealing the loves of three women and binding them together in friendship.

Their dislike of her and the way she spun their lives is the binding force that keeps them together.

My first thought, as Cajsa and I twirled around the store in the demo versions of these gowns, was “Always a bridesmaid never a bride…” But then we travelled to World’s End to shoot and we seemed far more menacing and powerful against the gloom and dark of the build.

Robber Brides.

We look almost, unrepentant. I’m not sure what we did. But we’re not sorry. I’m sure of that.

Grooms had best beware.

Cajsa has already shown you some of the amazing details of this dress, called PETUNIA from TGIS. Our dresses are exactly the same, except that mine is pink and as Cajsa declared it “The Gidgiest Dress On The Grid.” She might be right.

The detailing of the lace and beauty of the work on the bodice are stunning, as well as the depth of the underlayers which are just fabulous. Say it with me. FAAAAAAAABULOUS. Plus this dress floats and sways on the breeze and makes we want to dance with stolen grooms for hours.

Until I kill and eat them.

Since I was getting married, I wanted to wear “something old”. I pulled out the FIRST set of jewelry I EVER bought at Donna Flora – FLORA jewels. This was the jewelry that sealed my love for the craft and style of Squinternet Larnia.  Truth’s gorgeous SONYA Up-Do with swept back hair is perfect wedding hair I think.

Shows off your pretty face nicely.

Now – go check out TGIS. They also have the nuttiest most awesome sculpted nails EVER.

Style Notes for Gidge:

Shape - Savoir Faire - Gidge
Skin - Adam N Eve - Paige - Natural- Bare
Hair - Truth - Sonya - Pearl
Dress - TGIS - Petunia Gown
Nails - TGIS - Bridal Nails
Jewelry - Donna Flora - Flora
Eyes - Ibanez - Smooth Glow Eyes - Impatiens
Lashes - Amacci - Eyelash Tattoo 4

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