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Hey, Everybody, Have You Heard?


I bet you thought I was going to mention Vintage Fair, didn’t you? Well, you are mostly right, but there is that old traditional song that has been revitalized and covered by everyone and their sister. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anyone “gonna buy me a diamond ring” right soon, so turn that soundtrack down in the back. Yes, I admit it, I am going to slather and drool all over the Vintage Fair, but I think that’s okay, I slather and drool over vintage all the time and this is the first exposition of vintage designs I can recall. One of the wonders I found at the Fair is this sweet and lovely day dress from Paper Doll. Yellow is such a tricky color, but I do love this pale lemon that is just about the shade of washed butter or shaved lemon ice. It’s such a delectable color it makes me think of yummy foods, I notice. I will confess that my avatar build is not even close to the build this dress was made for, but it’s modifiable and with plenty of stretching I finally got it big enough to go around my waist. As you can see, once fitted, it looks good in many positions.

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