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I Feel Dotty, Oh So Dotty

I feel dotty, oh so dotty
I feel dotty and witty and bright!
And I pity
Any girl who isn’t me tonight!

Well, it’s not a perfect fit for the I Feel Pretty lyrics, but this Princess Dotty dress from Modern Gypsy is definitely dotty, witty and bright, so why not? It’s certainly a fun way of looking at it.

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Toto, We're Not In Woodstock Anymore

MiaMai recently released bell bottoms that Janis Joplin would have loved and you will see what I mean after the cut, but first, a moment of silence for the sheer chicawesomesaucegorgeousness that is this Keyn Jacket from MiaMai. [moment of silence] I have shown you the silver version already, but the Candy version deserves its own space. This jacket is more Prince than Janice – more fashion forward and chic than boho – and with it, the jeans take on a totally modern mood.

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It's Not Raining in SL

Oregon weather is so consistent. It’s warm and pleasant and dry for the summer and it’s cloudy, rainy and cool in the winter. It comes in two flavors and the one that’s on tap right now is not weather for this dress. Luckily, in SL I can be in any climate I feel like with a quick teleport from spot to spot. Snow, rain, tropics or jungles, deserts or forests, cities or castles – what you want you can find.  So, when I saw the lovely new Poppy skirt at Sugarcube I did not hesitate to pair it with a very summery top from So Many Styles.

I made the tiniest of concessions to reality by adding a short little velvet shrug from Adam n Eve, but seriously, if your jacket does not cover your midriff – it’s worn for fashion, not function. And clearly, fashion leads the way with that lovely silver embroidery and the adorable little hood. The jewelry is from Puarangi Design – though I have had this set so long it’s labeled Hi-Flo from the stores old name.

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I'm a Real Pixel Girl – No FakE!

by Gidge Uriza

I got a review box dropped on me from FakE at some point in time. As I’ve been off the grid for days due to be on bedrest I owe them and everyone else who dropped stuffs on me an apology – I am behind but will catch up! PROMISE!

The first thing I pulled out of the FakE! box was the flutter yellow top and the slouchy cords with fun embroidery. Continue reading