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Cherry Blossoms


The most exciting thing about events like Chic Limited is how creators can reify a single inspiration into a fascinating collection that illustrates perfectly that art is the expression of individuality. This month’s inspiration was Cherry Blossom and the collection ranges from softly feminine petal-adorned dresses to the pop art bold graphic style of this babydoll from So Many Styles.


As you can see, I had fun running around MiC Musee de Roma Capitale art installation to shoot my pics. I also used Windlight settings by CodeBastard Redgrave for thee beautiful red sky that really brought the art to life.
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Babydoll No More


I love many things about this dress from bubble that’s on sale at the Chic Limited Cherry Blossoms event, though it began as a babydoll before I lowered the skirt to my waist. I am never a big fan of babydoll dresses and often try that, but it doesn’t always work as well as it did with this dress. As you can see, this dress comes with a band that anchors the skirt so just increasing its size a bit made it look very natural at the natural waist. This lets me really enjoy the wonderful sense of playfulness in the dress design. I love how the fabric choices almost suggest a wall treatment with the more subdued black on black pattern meeting the vertical stripe pattern “wainscoting” and the cherry blossom border print “chair rail.” It’s cute and clever and makes a gorgeous dress.
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Hello, cherry blossoms 🙂

I hope this lovely Springness put a smile on your face, not that we need the Spring season to smile, but heeeeey it might help 😀

This month’s theme for CHIC Limited event is……..guess……..”Cherry Blossoms” (!!!) and here I’m going to show you the amazing newest release from Miamai:

Sakura Revealed

Sakura Revealed, from the BlackLabel Collection, a tribute to the delicate beauty of the Sakura flower.

Sakura Revealed 2

It’s a gorgeous sculpted dress decorated with cherry flowers on chest, skirt and head (yes, there’s also a headpiece!) and absolutely sweet petals that add the final touch to this piece of art.
I also love the color of the dress and the flexy part of the skirt, which is perfectly jagged.

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Sea Shepherdess

I wouldn’t be a very good shepherdess. First of all because sheep stink to hell. I used to spend time in the winter in far northern Minnesota with my cousins, who had a huge sheep farm. It would be freezing cold like nothing I’ve ever known. My cousins would put fireplace warmed bricks at the feet of our beds, wrapped in towels, to keep our feet warm and warm up the sheets. Continue reading

What Goes With Pig Ear Glasses?

…anything I want.

Elusyve and I got various fun glasses at Kik the other night and my own favorite are the pig ear glasses.
I used to have an aunt who was forever buying me shirts and sweatshirts with farm animals on them.
I’m not sure why she thought I would want or would wear such a thing.
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Mixed Chocolates

I am awash in chocolate after the day of love yesterday so I thought it was only appropriate to wear some for your viewing pleasure.
The grid was being a turd however and wouldn’t rezz up the top to this Lulu dress from SN@TCH so instead of bringing you my boobies in all their glory I decided to play mix and match by adding a different top from SN@TCH and not adding the collar, for a completely different look. Continue reading