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Moving the Velvet


One of Second Life’s oldest indie music clubs, The Velvet, moved this week and there’s a huge party this weekend to celebrate and raise funds to pay for that transition and keep the club going. There will be music from 9 AM to 11 PM Saturday and Sunday and all the tips will go to the club. The Velvet has been playing great indie music for over five years and hope to keep going strong under the ownership of Maht Wuyts who has managed the club for the last year. The new location is here. I will be DJ’ing early Sunday morning – at 9 a.m. – a strange hour, I know, but then I DJ’ed at 6 AM for SL9B, so this is certainly better timing than that. If you can’t make my set, I hope you can make another – the music at The Velvet is always a great mix so you are sure to enjoy it.

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One of my favorite SL sim builders is Marcus Inkpen whose amazing Utopia 4 build remains a standout for me – though it’s long gone. He’s also the genius behind the stunning Looking Glass sim.


I was thrilled to learn that he has a new sim installation called The Returning. This is one on of the Linden Endowment for the Arts sims. Prepare to be amazed as you look at the pictures from the Flickr group for the sim. I must thank Ryker Beck for sharing a picture of the sim on her plurk – or I might not have known about it.

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Fairy Tales Can Come True

Fairy Tales 2012 .

Gizza has designed a stunning wedding gown for Fairy Tales 2012. The gown comes in four options – white, cream, black and this black and white confection.

Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you
If you’re young at heart.
For it’s hard, you will find, to be narrow of mind
If you’re young at heart.

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And the beat goes on


This new babydoll dress from NYU is perfect for dancing and will let the beat go on in baby blue or pink.

Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain
La de da de de, la de da de da

Charleston was once the rage, uh huh
History has turned the page, uh huh
The mini skirts the current thing, uh huh
Teenybopper is our newborn king, uh huh

And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on
And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on
And the beat goes on
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What else could you do with seven itty bitty men…

June 25, 2012

The Lily dress from Baiastice comes in several lovely colors for the Fairy Tales 2012 event.

Cinderella’s on her bedroom floor
She’s got a
Crush on the guy at the liquor store
Cause Mr. Charming don’t come home anymore
And she forgets why she came here
Sleeping Beauty’s in a foul mood
For shame she says
None for you dear prince, I’m tired today
I’d rather sleep my whole life away than have you keep me from dreaming

’cause I don’t care for your fairytales
You’re so worried about the maiden though you know
She’s only waiting on the next best thing

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