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Hey, did you happen to see…

Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl…? This photo of Gidge made me think of the old Charlie Rich song except the rest of the lyrics just don’t make sense for the post or our friendship so I think I will only borrow half the first sentence.  How’s that for arbitrary? There’s nothing arbitrary about this skin, though, and the classically elegant beauty it portrays. It’s an upcoming release from PXL Creations and I would love to tell you when it’s coming out but frankly, PXL skin designer Hart Larsson needs to have a sit-down with Voltaire. He’s made 8 new iterations since this one – all improvements, though most too subtle for me to see. However, it won’t be long and I can’t wait to see the makeups.

The two of us are wearing lace dresses from Choramimi – a new-to-us store we found at Switch, the shopping sim. I finally dragged her to eha and she loved the hair. Then we ran around looking at other stores and found some lovely things like these dresses at an uebelievably low price of 77L each.

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