Short & Sweet

Short and Sweet! Not just the dress, the post as well. I am working late in RL and taking a few minutes just to post this outfit and let you judge it for yourselves.  I went a little pared down on the accessories because the beaded collar straps eliminate the need and the advisability of a necklace. I went for the taupe shoes because taupe is undervalued when really, it’s a lovely and versatile color that needs more outings. 

Just to show you how versatile SL clothing can be, I paired it with a skirt from mischielf.

  • Laqroki Amy 05 portrait skin
  • 0 Style Kristin Auburn
  • IC Eyes- Soul ful Hazel
  • Kunglers Fiore
  • Mischief Long Walks Skirt
  • G.L.A.M. solid tintable lycra tights
  • Armidi Gisace Dalia Pump latter
  • Gray Shine Drop Earrings

2 thoughts on “Short & Sweet

  1. Sansarya Caligari

    Sorry, but having to click four or five different times (from Fashion World<I heart SL<It’s only fashion<your blog<read more… to find out where the dress is from is a bit unwieldy. Any way to cut down on that?

    Nice look, btw

  2. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    I hope that someday It’s Only Fashion will get added to the feed. That will mean it links directly from Fashion World. We could make the posts longer on the front page and not have people open the post, but I think it makes it easier for people to browse and see what they want to read if the posts on the front are short with just one photo.

    Thanks, though.

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