The Quest for the Holy Grail

Okay, so we’re not searching for the Holy Grail, but looking for ghosts under the bed and behind the curtains and everywhere but up the chimney. Well, maybe up the chimney too. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. This outfit is almost all from the Ghost hunt except the dress – which came from the marvelous freebie outlet at Bastchild and Lapointe…so yes, an entirely free outfit.

This Ruby hair from Truth is a great hairstyle. I have the regular Ruby hair styles with their texture changing ribbons. This one is not texture change, but for Halloween, who would want to change the texture.  You can also see some of the delicate work on the lovely necklace and the gorgeous earrings.

The shoes are from KatatOnik and though most of the halloween costume goodies will get boxed up for next year or for constume parties, I am moving those shoes to my active unboxed inventory. They are just adorable and not limited to Halloween in style.

The dress, including the stockings, are from BastChild and Lapointe. I have been there several times and never noticed they have a freebie outlet with some wonderful finds including seasonal clothing. It’s well worth checking out and keep a LM handy for newbies, especially men. Good freebies for men are hard to find.
****STYLE NOTES******

  • Skin: MMS Moscow Light (Ghost Hunt)
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Nails: Symphony Skins Tintable Nailpolish (Ghost Hunt)
  • Hair: Truth Ruby- Halloween (Ghost Hunt)
  • Dress: LaPointe Gothica Memoire (from the freebie store at Bastchild and Lapointe
  • Necklace: Sentou Yousei Morte Necklace (Ghost Hunt)
  • Earrings: Ci:Di: Halloween Spider Earrings (Ghost Hunt)
  • Bangles: Spork Halloween Bracelet (Ghost Hunt)
  • Shoes: KatatOnik Ruffle Witch Shoe (Ghost Hunt)

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