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Awake and Unfold

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” ~ Anaïs Nin

Last Saturday the 2012 Miamai Black Label collection was revealed during an immersive and beautiful show called “Unfold” which was about the painful but full of hope journey from our inner fears and desperation to the birth of a new life. From the dark to the light. From the cocoon to the flight.

It was a stunning and meaningful show, everything was perfect, the spectators had to wear a moth avatar to get in. Brilliant.
If you missed it, you can watch the video made by Thalia Heckroth , an amazing capture of an amazing event.

In the following pictures i’m going to show you two pieces of the collection, breathtaking dress and boots created by the talented Monica Outlander and Pill Kanto.
*bows to Monica and Pill*

The gorgeous skin i’m wearing is from Glam Affair, a special version of Amberly, it’s called Unfold and, along with some others, Aida Ewing created it for the show, only for the show, and i feel honoured and lucky to have them.

I’ll add some excerpts from the beautiful poem especially written for the show by Kathryn O’ Driscoll ( Keira Seerose inworld ) and which accompanied the show itself, telling about the transition from cocoon to flight. Here you can find the whole six parts of this touching poem, they should be read together and in order.


Oh, mother,
Mine creatrix, help me.
Oh, won’t you lend me some new air to breathe.
I feel I may stew to death in melancholia;
Will I see you there?


They say that the blackness,
the ravenous cave, has devoured me.
They talk of me,
as if I am not here. Am I?

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I’m back! :P

I’ve been away for one month ’cause my computer died and SL did not work properly on the laptop i was using while the new pc was being built. Now i’m back with my fantastic new computer, back to SL and back to blogging, yay!

In pteron

I’m sure you guys know this fantasy skin from Glam Affair which is available at The Dressing Room, it’s absolutely stunning, I really love it, it was my first purchase after my return. Corset and leggings are awesome items from Favole that i was supposed to blog some time ago, but then computer issues didn’t let me, so i’m doing it now. The eyes are a new release from Mayfly, they’re wonderfully detailed mesh eyes (even though in the picture i’m wearing them without the mesh prims) and come in different colours.

Feelin' alive

Have a look at the cool poses, both from Epiphany, I highly recommend you go check them (and all the others) out.

Please forgive the shortness of this post, as i’m in a hurry, i need to go get ready for work.

See you soon!

Ciao 🙂



  • Skin: Glam AffairLeah – Fantasy Line – available at The Dressing Room
  • Corset: FavoleAterna Black
  • Leggings: FavoleRore
  • Eyes: MayflyDeep Sky Eyes – Monet Dawn Shadow
  • Poses: Epiphany – from the Polar Chic and the Editorial sets
  • Hair: LambGlass Candy – Grayscale Pack
  • Tattoo: the plankNight Wolf
  • Nails: AdonessBasic Nails – Grayscale
  • Location: [pteron]

Superman sucks!!!

Well, Banksy docet 😛

Superman Sucks^^

Ok, folks, this post has nothing to do with Superman, but I couldn’t help mentioning him after taking a few snaps in the Diapop shop which got one of its walls decorated with that famous Banksy’s graffiti.
In my humble opinion, it’s a great deco choice made by Dianne Peccable – owner and designer of Diapop – and I’m not surprised because she has taste. I know Dianne since long time, she’s such a lovely person, a sweet friend and a talented designer, I always liked her creations and her 70’s/vintage/neo romantic/hippie/alternative/and more style…..oh well, I would just call it Dianne’s style.

The Black Betty dress is her latest creation and I’ve been wearing it quite a lot lately after deciding (it didn’t take me much time!) what hair, shoes, accessories could go well with it.

Black Betty

More after the cut 😛
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In bianco

Hello lovelies 🙂

It’s evening in this part of the world and I hope your Sunday was (or is going) better than mine ‘cause I had to work, arrrggghhh! I’ve been soooo busy that all I was looking for was a relaxing bath (done!) and some lazy time doing absolutely nothing (done!). At some point I’ve got bored of doing nothing and decided to log on SL, so here I am 😀

I want to show you my look of the last days because I simply love it.
Everything started when I bought the GiO skin from Glam Affair at The Dressing Room: it’s so beautiful that I had to choose carefully the clothes and hair to go with it and I must admit it didn’t take much time because I knew what I wanted and the result was just perfect.
Well, at least it was (is!) to me, according to my taste and the kind of look I had in mind.
You might find it awful.
I still love you, don’t worry.
Even though you stink.

Hahaha 😛

Pictures time!

In bianco


More pics and credits after the cut 🙂
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This jumpsuit makes my butt look sooooo cute!


Skin, jumpsuit and hair i’m wearing in the following pictures are some of my fav items ever and I must admit I have been wearing them quite a lot lately. I just love each of them and I think they go really great with each other.
You already know the Miamai jumpsuit ‘cause Cajsa blogged it and, yeah, it’s another beautiful gem created by the super talented monica Outlander:


What is she thinking?

Simply amazing.

And yes, it makes your butt look uber cute! Wanna see????

After the cut! 😀
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