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A new kind of mambo


I DJ’ed last night at The Velvet and put together a fun set full of mambos, tangos and sambas with a bit of jive and other things to spice it up. I wanted to wear something samba-worthy and remembered this top I picked up at The Dressing Room Blue. It was from Mimikri, so I dived into my Mimikri folder to find a silver skirt to wear with it – and adapting this skirt from the Adele dress worked perfectly.

I love putting together different sets that explore a mood or a beat and have a lot of fun spinning my songs on Monday nights. My long-time friend and former partner is the manager at The Velvet and has really brought a new spirit to the place. If you have not been there in awhile, you might want to try it again. The old “We are cooler than you,” vibe is long gone and there’s a friendly spirit that focuses on the sheer pleasure of sharing music. There’s a blog that you should check out with posts from many of the DJ’s updating readers on upcoming sets.

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Wanna get great stuff at veeeery affordable prices???

Hope you’re doing good 🙂

A few interesting things caught my attention lately at The Dressing Room Blue and at My Second Wardrobe (a new monthly event), where you can find such beautiful stuff at super affordable prices. So I thought I would share……yay! 😀



The awesome glittery dress is from Mimikri (is there one Mimikri item i DON’T like???) and you can find it at TDRB. Really lovely cut and textures!
And have a look at those fantastic earrings from Zaara: they’re available at MSW where Zaara is partecipating as guest designer.

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Saturday Night – Loving Baiastice Hair Attachments

I was always so skeptical of hair attachments as a fashion statement until I really found good ones I liked. Amacci and Baiastice always come right to mind when I think of them (ok If I’m leaving you out calm down, I’m blonde and forgetful).
Sissy Pessoa recently released a new set of attachments and also offers hair bases at her shop so you can be SURE of a perfect match up.
I decided there wasn’t anything better than to just slather myself in Baiastice which continues to be one of my favorite stores around. Continue reading