This Post Lacks Ninjas and Tigers -But Has Makeup #13

posted by Gidge Uriza

All videos in the 80s needed fog, wind, outrageous and bold face makeup (even on the boys), big tall hair that would stand up and NOT sway in the wind (thank you AquaNet) and if you were REALLY putting effort into your production – NINJAS AND TIGERS.

(Point of reference – Total Eclipse of the Heart Video, I promise, You Tube It.)

Ever since I opened up my skins from Baiastice I’ve been waiting to figure out what to do with Makeup # 13. I mean really. It rocks my world in a totally I MISS THE 80s Fashion sort of way.

And once I found this hair at Emo-tions (thank you Cajsa) I then only had to wait for the perfect dress to come along. Then I had it forever and forgot about it. You know how I am.

Thus – Pacadi Jasha and the nipple tape dress Naala. I’m serious, if I couldn’t have tigers and ninjas – at least I’ve got nipple tape – right? I think Pacadi Jasha left us if I remember correctly……so I’m sad I didn’t manage the Tigers and Ninjas as an Homage… would’ve been a fitting farewell.

I’m sorry for the lack of ninjas and tigers. I know it’s disappointing when I’m sporting such a big 80s sort of look……I’ll try to make it up to all of you in a later post.

Style Notes:

***Bold R Indicates a Review/Promotional Copy***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Baiastice – Casting – Porcelain – Makeup 13 R
  • Hair – Emo-Tions – Stormy – Blonde
  • Dress – Pacadi Jasha – Naala  – currently out of business but we hope you come back!
  • Shoes – Digit Darkes – Messina Heels
  • Jewelry – Ganked – Shyayn – Bracelets and Earrings
  • Eyes – Kuri Style – Cupcake eyes
  • Lashes – Cybernetic – Look THEY FIT

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  1. Harper

    I don’t know about the tigers and ninjas, but a lot of the videos from the Eighties were, to say the least, strange! Remember half of the stuff by Duran Duran, e.g. “Wild Boys,” “Union of the Snake,” etc.?

    Love the makeup, and that hair!!

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