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Hell Bent on Seduction

That’s what this outfit says to me. It’s a conglomeration from several pieces. The top is from a House of Nyla dress, the skirt from Handrawn Machine. the gloves from a PixelDolls dress and the socks from Reasonable Desires.  The idea is not to encourage you to necessarily buy every single piece but to start thinking of dresses as potential separates and accessories as well. For example, I have a gloves folder in my accessories folder and when gloves are included in an outfit, I copy and paste a copy into my gloves folder so I have more glove options available.

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Peek a Boo

I love a dress with options, like this red crochet dress from Nyla Cheeky’s House of Nyla. Commonly worn as a long formal dress see next photo), taking of the prims leaves a fiery hot cocktail dress that’s more peek than boo. With the snug, body-hugging pencil skirt, it’s the perfect foil for the infra-hot Tie Me Up stilettos from Stiletto Moody.

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Saints and Butterflies

Nyla Cheeky had her semi-annual 50% sale that convinced me that now is the time to get this dress I have been eying for months. Called Sainte Marie, it is rich confection of detailed black embroidery on vibrant blue. Nyla’s a real life designer who often brings her creations in-world so we can enjoy her creativity. Many of her dresses make me smile and even laugh out loud with their bright cheery colors and droll with. Relatively restrained for a House of Nyla dress, the Sainte Marie still has that special touch – in the detailed embroidery, the naughty black netting ruffle peeping out below the skirt and the custom shoes to coordinate, for example.  This is a dress for afternoon parties that can take you into an evening event – and the bright blue does wonders for most people’s eyes.

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Peacock Panache

One of my favorite literary puns is from the death scene of Cyrano de Bergerac when he says “I still have my white feather.” The first time I read it, I thought that was strange, but reading it again a few years later in a different translation, it read “I still have my panache,” with a lovely footnote explaining that panache meant both that ineffable sense of wit and style but also meant feather. Oh what we lose in translation!

So Panache is, I think the perfect word to describe this newest couture gown named Paris from AvaGardner Kungler. A special Kungler Couture release, it’s is made of both peacock feathers and sumptuous style and droll wit. Peacock Panache! Continue reading