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Lingerie Post In Need of A Title: Apply Within

Okay, now that I have spent over 10 minutes cycling through bad title ideas for this post, I hand the job over to you, dear Readers.  I am wearing the wonderfully detailed and sexy lingerie from Cicciuzzo Gausman of Riviera Couture. It also comes in Mocha, Black and Blue. Yummy!

I thought about making up a title like I ♥ Italy since the lingerie and the skin I am wearing (PXL Creations) are by Italian designers, but if I had been planning that I would have used the poses by Antosperandeo Allen.  Instead I went with the Sex Sells and Sultry poses of Reel Expressions and if you look at the photos you can see they are well-named.  Besides, that gorgeous Mirone hair plays a role. So do those luscious earings from Zaara who is  from India and though India and Italy both begin with an I, I don’t think that counts.

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ZOMG! That's a sexy dress!

Mr. Gausman of Rivier Couture sent me a little thank you for blogging awhile back. I say Mr. Gausman because he is always so formal and proper when he sends an IM that I feel I must respond in kind. Now, how that formal and proper man comes up with the hot and sexy clothing he makes is a conundrum, but then still waters do run deep, as they say. Thankfully, I do not have to resolve that enigma to enjoy the sizzling hot fashion from his house. This dress is MISTRESS and really, you should think of it as a suite. It comes with a jacket that really transforms its look, the colored shirt lies under lace and can be switched out with other colors or with a sheer black for more intimate settings. Or well, for those who are comfortable showing nipples in public, too.

The halter top has a lace back and lovely lace flourish at the neck. The cuffsare actually from Draconic Kiss but with the belted definition of the torso, the revers a lacet cuffs are  just too perfect for words.

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From Silks to Chic

I was recently passed a couple of outfits from Riviera Couture as a thank you for some dresses I blogged awhile back. One was a lovely set of silks called Bollywood with a full bodice, but flowing silks for a skirt. It was gorgeous with a beautiful teal and royal blue brocade bodice and a gorgeous teal and cerise stola, it’s just the skirt was simply not my style. But then it occurred to me to pair it with a regular skirt and the result was better than I could have expected.

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China Gold

One of the reasons I love events like Hair Fair and the recent Glamour Expo is that I encounter new stores and designers. Some of them may not be new at all, but are new to me.  I will feel lucky if I even see a tenth of the great fashions in Second Life.Second Life fashion overflows with an abundance of creativity which gives us all the frequent joy of discovery of the new and the exciting almost daily.

All of which is a lot of words to express how happy I was to discover Riviera Couture at the Glamour Expo. I have already blogged two outfits from that experience, but I finally went to the main store to check it out and found this breath-taking outfit.

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Riviera Couture

Some of my favorite finds at the Glamour Expo were at Riviera Couture. Take this dress for example. Look at the bold use of color – olive and teal and gold in a dynamic floral pattern, assembled in flowing layers with a sure and confident hand – the Sarah dress is a great dress for fall.

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Blowing in the Wind

Oh, I don’t know what’s more exciting in thsi picture, the blowing model hair from ::69:: or the marvelous jewelry from Genesis. However, I have worn this jewelry a few times, so let’s linger on the hair. Can you believe I didn’t even have to tint it? I did have to move two pieces so they didn’t come out of my face funny, but that’s it. I love the wild, chaotic flow of the hair which well mimics the whirlying wildness of the wind.

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