Peacock Panache

One of my favorite literary puns is from the death scene of Cyrano de Bergerac when he says “I still have my white feather.” The first time I read it, I thought that was strange, but reading it again a few years later in a different translation, it read “I still have my panache,” with a lovely footnote explaining that panache meant both that ineffable sense of wit and style but also meant feather. Oh what we lose in translation!

So Panache is, I think the perfect word to describe this newest couture gown named Paris from AvaGardner Kungler. A special Kungler Couture release, it’s is made of both peacock feathers and sumptuous style and droll wit. Peacock Panache!

The outfit includes a top, to-die-for glitch pants, a system skirt, leg and skirt prims and a prim boa collar. They are flawlessly matched, the quality of the seams on the glitch pants is stunning. You can see the intricate embroidery on tne midriff – that same detail extends down the length of the pants – even though they are hidden by the skirt and prims. That tells you that designer AvaGardner cares immensely about quality since demands the highest quality of herself on pieces that don’t show.

Though…to be honest, I think you could easily get away with wearing just the top and glitch pants for a really sexy catsuit.

This is an outfit that moves and flows and comes alive. The level of detail is stunning. I was particularly impressed by the prim work – again prims made so well that they match the color of the system clothing perfectly. Most importantly, though, isn’t it just sooooo gorgeous?

I have two minor quibbles and they are not with the construction or design of the clothing. In fact, they are just my shopper suggestions for all designers. First, it would be a boon to all women if all designers made system skirts modifiable – at least until the Lindens fix the skirt glitch issue. Gidge planned to review this dress but could not get the skirt on. It took me nearly a dozen tries. If the skirt were modifiable, I could have gotten the skirt to rez with one edit appearance. The system skirt problem is the Lindens fault, but designers would do us all a favor if they made their skirts modifiable. My second quibble is with the boa collar – and this is also something I would ask of all designers. For our sake, please make 2 collars, one for the spine and one for the chest. It’s just so much easier than having us place it on the other place and edit it around to fit….and with no copy items such as these, even more important because the position editing is done on the original prim, not a copy. Again, this is something I wish all designers would do – just to make life easier for us.

So what do you wear under the most gorgeous peacock gown? Peacock lingerie of course. : ) Clearly, I didn’t wear this under the dress, that’s a wear-nothing-underneath dress if I ever saw one – whether you wear it in RL or SL. But pretend with me anyway since I have been longing for an excuse to show off this lovely House of Nyla lingerie since I bought it months ago!!! Nyla Cheeky has a perfect last name because her designs always show a cheeky sense of humor and style. From her most gorgeous gowns to her cutest day dresses, her vibrant style makes me smile.

Jewelery and accessories for both outfits include Muse Marguerite Feather Necklace and Earrings and H&U Green Ribbon Sandal.

Many more photos on Flickr.

Meilli2 shape by hatchy mills
Laqroki Amy 05 Portrait Skin
IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
Bishwear Toss Me Around Auburn
Kunglers Couture, Paris
H&U Sandale Ribbon Greenish
Muse Marguerite Feather Jewlery
House of Nyla Peacock Feather Lingerie

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  1. Gidge Uriza

    OH MY GOD that dress is just as spectacular as it said it would be when I was in EDIT APPEARANCE MODE!
    I will not be denied such lovelieness….(but yeah she’s right – a lot of the time, if the skirt is mod – we can make it SHOW UP in finally after a lot of editting).

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