GHOST of a Chance

GHOST is closing its doors today and as a last hurrah is offering everything at 50% off. GHOST is a fun and innovative store. My favorite tights are GHOST’s prison tights. They are available on OnRez. One of my favorite freebies from OnRez is GHOST’s Dirty Snow. So to say goodbye to GHOST, I wore this Lag Fade top and mini-skirt from GHOST. I paired it with tights from Bijou and shoes from Armidi and added some cute jewelry from Bliensen. For full disclosure, I must point out that the jewelry are review copies and different from my usual style, but I thought they were perfect for this out. You can seem lots more pics on my Flickr because I was trying a bunch of different Windlight settings on the skin to see how it responded to light. 

In this photo, you can get a close look at the Bliensen & Maitai jewelry. The choker and earrings are made with bottle caps. The longer necklace has 8 charms on it and handily attaches at another point allowing you to wear both without adjusting. I am wearing the large choker that I resized quite a bit to make it snug enough. However, a smaller one is included with the set. However, when I put it on, SL hiccuped and it would not rez for me, so instead of waiting for the hiccups to stop, i just resized the larger one. Although a bit more punk than my usual jewelry, I think it’s a cute and whimsical set. 

I am also wearing a review copy of Lydia – a skin from Laqroki. Thanks to a former co-worker, when I hear the name Lydia, I inappropriately think of Lydia the Tattoed Lady, so of course I added tattoos from Mau & Mej’s.

Oh Lydia, Oh Lydia
Now have you met Lydia
Lydia the tattooed lady

I think it’s pretty obvious if you have followed this blog at all that I am a Laqroki skin fan. As a photographer, I have come to trust the skin – it’s luminous and natural. I generally wear Amy, but have been looking for a good very pale, but not powdered, skin for a long time. Skin that while pale still has that light-reflecting luminosity I have come to expect from Laqroki. When I saw the Lydia skin at Laqroki I was hopeful that finally I would find the kind of pale, but rich skin i was looking for.  

In reviewing the Lydia skin, I focused on my personal priorities when judging a skin. First, do I like the face? Oh, yes I do! Are the face and body the same color, or to but in more clearly, does the complexion shift abruptly where the neck and head join… and they clearly don’t as you can see in the above photo. Does it photograph well. If you checked my filckr, you can see I ran through a range of color setting, seeing how hard i can push it. I was thoroughly satisfied with the results,  particularly as I did nothing more than crop the voters and adjust the levels on a few. Look at the shoulder on the photo below and you can see how richly the skin react to light. Laqroki has done it again . and with the difficult challenge of pale, pale skin. It’s a short quiz, only three questions, but Laqroki aced it.





  • Shape: Melli2 by hatchy mills
  • Skin: Lydia 02 and 04 Portrait Skin by Laqroki
  • Eyes: Soulful Hazel by IC-Eyes
  • Hair: Jolleen Black Faded by ETD
  • Tattoo: Hibiskus by Mau & Mej’s
  • Manicure: Deep Dream Night by bijou
  • Top: Lag Fade Top from GHOST
  • Skirt: Lag Mini Skirt from GHOST
  • Tights: Stocking D (Black) from bijou
  • Boots: Kyoto Boot (Black/Black) from Armidi
  • Earrings & Necklace: BottleTop Earrings & Choker from Bliensen & Maitai
  • Second Necklace: Childhood1 from Bliensen & Maitai



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